Heating Oil Options


More and more householders as well as businesses are now using heating oil. Reputable online suppliers provide customers with a variety of heating oil options like:-

  • Kerosene – kerosene is one of the most popular home heating oil products available on the market today. Many modern home heating systems use kerosene to fuel their boilers. Kerosene is white in colour and known by a number of different names such as Standard Kero, 28 Second Oil, Jet A1 Kero and home heating oil or domestic oil. This great value for money product is suitable for use in many different types of heating systems with indoor or outdoor boilers.
  • Premium Kerosene – premium kerosene available to order from recommended suppliers is a high performance product. It’s designed to improve system efficiency, prevent sludge formation and build-up, lower carbon and deposit build-up. Premium kerosene helps to reduce service problems while also keeping fuel fresher for longer. Check out www.supersaveroil.com to find out more about the two applications of premium kerosene.

These two options are:-

  1. Home heat plus – this particular product is designed to protect your whole heating system and increase boiler efficiency.
  2. Kero cooker plus – if you have a range cooker, Kero cooker plus is ideal. It is designed to ensure optimum performance as well as providing cleaner burning than standard kerosene

Contact an online adviser for more information on both products

Not sure which product you need, check your tank

If you are still a little unsure of which particular heating oil product you need, just check your tank. Most tanks display a sticker showing the product needed or if you are new to the property, maybe there’s an old receipt showing the correct product listed. Don’t worry too much, reliable heating oil suppliers will have a record of any deliveries made to your particular address.

It will only take a few minutes of your time to place an order for home heating oil. What’s more you can get a quick quote by providing a few details:-

  1. The fuel type
  2. The amount you require
  3. Your postcode
  4. Your e-mail address

Ordering online is also easy to do once you have received a heating oil quote. The next step is to choose your delivery date and if you can wait a few days you’ll get a better price, what more could you ask for?

Helpful online information

Established suppliers of heating oil also provide helpful information about ways to save money on domestic fuel consumption. Here are a few suggestions:-

  • If your thermostat is set higher than 20°, turn it down. Lowering the temperature by even 1 degree could save you around 10% off your home heating bill.
  • Only heat the rooms you are using. Turn off the heating when you’re not there or if you’re going away for a few days.

Another way to save money is to order the maximum volume of heating oil for your tank.

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