Hiring a Criminal Lawyer – Factors That Should Influence Your Decision


Criminal cases can land the accused person behind bars, and the severity of the punishment generally depends upon the nature of the crime. Criminal cases are completely different from civil cases, because there’s a chance of the guilty person ending up in jail and serving time, apart from the fines and other legal punishments that are levied on the guilty party.

If you have been accused of a crime, you should consider hiring a reputable criminal lawyer for the case. There are many important factors that you should consider before bringing on a lawyer to defend you. Obviously, your defence is only going to be as good as your lawyer, so it’s important that you choose the right person. Here are some major factors that will play a role in influencing your decision.


When you approach any Melbourne criminal lawyer, the first thing that you should ask about is their experience. How long have they been practicing criminal law, and what’s their success rate? Some lawyers have an unparalleled reputation within the courts, and they charge a very hefty fee for their services.

Obviously, not everyone can afford a top-notch criminal lawyer. There are other law firms that offer their services pro bono as well, especially for people in need. Since the verdict of a criminal case can determine your entire future, it’s very important that you hire the right lawyer for the job. Look for an experienced lawyer who has a high success rate of closure so that he or she can get you a good settlement. In most situations, your lawyer will try to settle the case out of court by reaching a settlement with the plaintiff. In criminal cases, the burden of proof lies on the party that has filed the case (the plaintiff), so reaching a quick settlement works in the benefit of both parties.


Apart from experience, you will also need to think about the fee. When hiring any lawyer, you will need to pay a specific amount as a retainer. This is the marginal consideration that you will have to pay for requesting the lawyer’s services. The lawyer will demand a further fee if the case is won. Some reputable lawyers even work by the minute, which might prove to be very costly, especially for an individual. When you sit down with any criminal lawyer for a preliminary meeting, you should discuss their fee and the payment schedule along with any additional charges beforehand so that you are in the clear about how much the whole legal defence is going to cost you.


You need a lawyer who’s passionate about their job and is willing to go above and beyond to help you. Client-attorney privilege ensures that you can confide in your lawyer without having to worry about anything. Make sure that you provide all of the relevant details to the lawyer so that he or she can create a solid defence for you.

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