How do I stop Unwanted Marketing Emails, Mail and Phone Calls?


Some times it all gets too much. You wake up in the morning and get ready for work. You go downstairs to find a pile of mail on the mat for you. Starting to sift through it, you realise that it’s almost all junk mail. Even some of the letters that look like genuine correspondence turn out to be little more than glitzy marketing campaigns.

Now you’re late for work and in a rush. Just as you’re going out the door, the phone rings. It’s an unusual time to call so it might be important, you have to answer it. As soon as you do, you realise it was a mistake. It’s yet another marketing campaign. You want to scream at them to go away but your sense of manners won’t let you, so you try and extricate yourself with a series of polite ‘no thank yous’ but the person on the line just won’t let go. Now you’re really running late.

When you get to work, you turn on your computer to get cracking with that report that’s due. Before you get started, you need to check your emails. What’s this? 50 emails in your inbox? That’s the last thing you want. You start to sift through them again and once more realise that the vast majority are junk.

What a waste of time

How many of your days go like this? How much time do you spend trying to wade through all the rubbish and spam to get to the important stuff that you need to deal with? Think about how that time must add up over a lifetime. It’s a scary thought.

There are ways to cut down and even cut out the amount of spam and marketing calls you receive. For emails, utilise the spam filter on your account. This should cut out the majority of spam. Be very careful who you give your email address to, as it could end up on a spam database and you will start to receive unsolicited messages regularly. Use an alternative email for non-important business and this will also cut down on spam in your inbox.

Put a stop to spam

For cold calls and marketing calls, there are services you can register with to prevent companies contacting you without your permission. Once you have registered, it usually takes 28 days for the calls to stop but they hopefully will stop.

If you are getting exasperated and wondering ‘how do I stop marketing emails/mail/phone calls’, then don’t despair. There are things you can do to get your time back. Just a few simple steps should be enough to rid yourself of this burden forever but you do have to act. If you just hope they’ll go awaythen you have really misjudged the persistence of modern cold and spam marketing campaigns. You can beat them, if you want to. The power is in your hands. So don’t take no for an answer, get protected.

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