How freelance IT specialists can improve your business


Freelance IT specialists are becoming an increasingly important asset for SMEs and large corporations due to the benefits they bring to the workforce. To remain competitive, adapt, and thrive in the digital age modern enterprises need to be able to scale their core activities with ease. Sourcing talented freelance workers with specific skill sets is cost-effective, reduces risks and streamlines business processes in order to drive continuity and profitability. There has never been a better time to bring in contractors and freelancers to build an effective IT infrastructure.

Freelance vs. full time

Data shows that enterprises can expect to save up to 30 per cent every year by hiring freelance workers; however, this estimate doesn’t take into account other costs such as the outlay required to train employees and office supply costs. Freelancers can often work remotely, which is a notable benefit if you are a growing micro or small business. You will also have the freedom and flexibility to hire individuals for bespoke tasks on a project-by-project basis. There has been a shift away from standard 9-5 working times in recent years and tapping into the talented pool of freelancers will enable you to embrace an always-on 24-hour working mentality. For example, they can write code for a website at night or update social media channels early in the morning.

Experience and scalability

Many gifted technology professionals can only be sourced via an umbrella company as they won’t work in traditional roles on a full time basis. Sourcing freelancers enables you to hire experienced and knowledgeable workers that can provide instant results. The majority of IT jobs require a specialist and freelancers can complete these tasks in a swift and timely manner without indulging in office politics and they know they will have to perform well if they want repeat custom. Scalability is also more important now, as enterprises often need to scale their operations depending on the time of year or other circumstances. Freelancers are not employees so they are easier to replace.

Popular freelance roles

Enterprises are now sourcing freelancers for roles such as web design, mobile app development and digital transformation. Contract work is centred on specific problems and according to global freelancing platform Upwork, PHP Development, Javascript Development, HTML5 Development, MySQL Development and Android App Development were the most sought after skills last year. Many organisations are now transitioning traditional IT operations to the cloud, which requires professionals with knowledge of infrastructure and management frameworks. IT is now rooted in the majority of day-to-day business functions so hiring freelancers is critical to your business prospects.

Umbrella Company

Umbrella companies can help you find the ideal IT freelancers for your business. According to a recent study, around 40 per cent of workers in the US will be independent contractors by the end of the decade and similar growth is expected in the UK. Advances in tech and the fast changing pace of doing business requires a flexible and remote workforce that is capable of meeting demands and rising customer expectations. Freelancers bring a reduction in costs, risks, greater access and quality of work, global reach and flexibility and scalability.

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