How Ms. Bharti Jogia-Sattar has helped the organizations to maintain a sound Accounting System


The term accounting is quite common as one can hear it almost everywhere. This is a process of summarizing, recording, and analyzing financial transactions of an organization. This is often regarded as one of the most important functions of the company. Accounting is further classified as management accounting, financial accounting, etc. Both these types of accounting are the part of business accounting. Financial accounting usually focuses on constitutional reporting while management accounting emphasizes on reporting information for internal use by management. Ms. Bharti Jogia-Sattar is a well- known finance and accounting executive who is at present based in the greater Los Angeles area.

Importance of Accounting

With more than a decade in the industry she has helped many clients and organizations to carry out their businesses effectively. In the current complex and dynamic business environment it is very important to keep the accounting records appropriate and up to date. Listed below are some of the benefits that proper accounting offer to any organization:

  • A properly made accounting document helps in evaluating the performance of the business. For instance, the profit & loss accounts and balance sheet ratios help to analyze the performance of an organization. Also current ratio, debt equity ratio, turnover ratio etc. help in understanding the organization’s performance.
  • A proper accounting system makes sure that all the dues are paid within the prescribed time line. This includes pension fund, provident fund, sales tax, VAT, Income tax. On- time payment of liabilities helps enterprises to be compliant to the laws.
  • A proper accounting system can take care of the working capital and cash requirement of an organization which in turn helps to manage and monitor cash flow.
  • Accounting data helps an organization to prepare budget and predict for future period. Business trends are planned based on past data made by accounting system.

Just like in other sectors, real estate sector also requires an able accountant so that bookkeeping records and accounting deals can be maintained properly.

Reasons for consulting with Bharti Jogia-Sattar for Accounting related assistance

At present, Ms. Bharti Jogia-Sattar works as an independent consultant. She gives recommendations to business owners about how to manage their business proficiently without any difficulties. Her varied skill set in finance has allowed her to expand her specialties and skill in other sectors as well apart from real estate.

Prior to becoming a celebrated financial consultant, she has completed her studies from the highly respected Eastern Michigan University. From this University, she has acquired Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Chemistry. Ms. Jogia-Sattar has completed her undergraduate studies from Bryn Mawr College. Even though, she is working now as an independent financial services consultant but prior to this she has worked with some prominent organizations such as Countrywide Capital Markets and then with Lionsgate as Vice President and Controller. She has also completed coursework in accounting from the University of California in Los Angeles. With the sound knowledge in accounting, she has helped the organizations to maintain a proper accounting system.

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