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When online reputation management company Los Angeles ORM conducts an audit for potential clients, they need to be precise about the strategy they need to put in place based on the Google result audit. Once Los Angeles ORM knows where they stand with clients and their online search engine results, they need to pin point a strategy that will positively enhance their client’s online reputations. The ambitious and innovative company will usually implement one of the following three strategies:

  1. I Do Not Exist: in this case, clients do not have any content about them, Internet presence, or social medias. This means that during an audited result, nothing comes up about them and the search engine does not even know they exist. This is a strategy that is also referred to as search engine optimization. The first think Los Angeles ORM will do following this strategy decision is to build their client’s online presence. Then once the content gets indexed on Google, they can optimize that content to the first page of search engine results.
  2. I Need To Hide: in this case clients have something online that is hurting their reputation and their opportunities as a business or individual. If this is the situation, Los Angeles ORM classifies this as reverse search engine optimization (the reverse of the first example). Rather than pushing content up, they will push the negative result(s) down.
  3. I Want To Exist But On My Terms: this is another form on search engine optimization where clients want only certain content pushed higher (optimized). This means that they are already half way through the first situation. The client wants certain results that have already been indexed in Google to appear higher. This is strictly the optimization process of the first example.

Los Angeles ORM is a diverse business that offers solutions for all of the situations listed above and more. It is their mission to protect and maintain a healthy and positive online reputation for their clients.

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