How office vending machines can boost staff morale

office vending machines

Vending machines play an important role in the workplace and are one factor that can positively affect staff morale, which ultimately leads to increased productivity.

Recent research published as part of the Happiness at Work survey, conducted by the London-based New Economics Foundation, indicates at just how important staff morale is. Happiness directly relates to productivity with happy employees having 31 percent higher productivity levels and 37 percent higher sales, while being three times more creative.

With 50 percent of staff saying that they do not feel valued, a modern vending machine should form part of a business’s strategy in retaining top talent.

office vending machines

The benefits of vending machines

Vending machines can automatically distribute tea, coffee and snack to employees and offer many advantages to businesses of all sizes:

Productivity – In addition to giving a boost to morale, the vending machine puts within easy reach provisions to help staff keep their energy levels up. This is crucially important in the afternoon, when many feel a dip in energy levels. Caffeine will keep staff alert, while making it easier for key personnel to remain on site and contactable, during breaks.

Time – A vending machine can save on lost man-hours by encouraging employees to avoid trips to the high street or mobile van, which will also reduce possible overruns of breaks and lunches. The vending machine can serve a high number of staff quickly, by making a drink in approximately 20 seconds, which compares to the 7.5 minutes it takes on average, for an employee to make a drink using a kettle.

Overheads – The vending machine can help to keep overheads down as dedicated canteen staff are not required and this has a positive impact on payroll. Minimal space is needed to house a vending unit, with free standing or tabletop models. Companies will also see a reduction in the costs of providing cleaning products.

Health – Vending machines can play a part in keeping the workforce healthy by negating the need to clean cups and mugs and by removing the need to stock perishable items, such as milk or cream.

The modern vending machine

Modern hot drink machines are capable of providing high-street quality drinks, paid for by cash or card, of which the current favourites includes the cappuccino and latte. Authentic Bean to Cup vending machines are fast, delivering top quality drinks at a touch of a button.

Today’s vending machine can be fully customised with a product range that includes products from brands such as Kenco, PG, Lavazza, Douwe Egberts and Cadbury. Snacks can be indulgent or healthy and can be tailored to accommodate staff with special dietary requirements.

From morale to productivity and from costs to health, the vending machine still has an important role to play.

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