How Online Meetings Have Increased Productivity During Lockdown


Covid-19 has been a crisis for almost everything. Besides, struggling for health, the world is facing so many obstacles in terms of keeping business running. As offices are being closed to avoid social contacts, many companies are having challenges keeping their team engaged.

In this scenario, technology such as online events or meetings has emerged as the blessings which are an alternative to maintain the productivity level intact as well as keeping the social distance.

During this emergency, the proper system and techniques may even empower inner coordination in a company. Also, this guarantees the capability of the digital work environment is completely used.

Let’ have a look at few points how working from home makes people productive:

1. Sense of Individualise freedom

The work from the home model gives an individual sense of freedom. That might be an essential aspect to keep an employee motivated. Tough, technology has enabled us to keep track of the performance of an employee’s work for an assigned time frame. Thus, this keeps up the productivity of an employee intact, whether he/she is working from anywhere. Many companies have been already utilising this model even before the corona pandemic.

2. Flexible work routine

The sense of having a flexible routine while saving the commuting hours is really like a bonus to employees. However, working from home brings its own challenges such as having a quiet place at home while there are people all around, especially in case of a pandemic or having connectivity issues, etc.

Besides, if one can overcome these undesired problems, he/she can enjoy the flexibility of working from home.

The increment in the remote working with online events during the pandemic could be the silver lining; this may help employers to cut costs on real estate while taking measures to keep the productivity level high.

3. Clear Communication

Most of the employees have the habit of working in an office environment where having small talks and communication is quite easy. Though, technology has enabled us to make use of communication tools.

Moreover, these tools facilitate them having a conversation with colleagues or leadership. Open communication is of the utmost necessity when people work in teams to keep the productivity level high.

The online events such as daily one-on-one and group meetings have been quite fruitful for the employers to keep the productivity level quite high. However, this requires planning daily rendezvous for a brief about the work.

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