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Today’s fast-paced world has seen the rise of transactions in business activities across borders. This has seen information-exchange extend to different languages.
There is a growing need for communication as it is essential to world globalization. In ensuring successful communication for many years, translation has played a huge role, and this goes beyond everyday usage on the street to the execution of projects in various sectors in the business sphere, ensuring economic growth and diplomacy.
The technological revolution has brought about improvement in the quality and availability of translation processes.

We should talk about some specific technologies that have enhanced translation in recent times. They include;

1. Computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools

For accurate and faster translations, translation memory software has been developed over time. The computerization of the translation industry has seen tools such as the translation memory databases (TMs) and terminology management systems (TMSs), which allows creation, storage and accessing a database of translated words in a specific field. The translation memory databases which works in tandem with the terminology management systems is a database consisting previous translations. These features enhance quality, consistency, and speed in translating.

2. E-Dictionaries and glossaries

Looking-up words from dictionaries translated work laborious and time-consuming when paper dictionaries were in vogue. Inconsistency in translations was also on the high in that period due to the use of different dictionaries. Since conveying the meaning of texts and maintaining their textual integrity has been an intricate part of the translation, the advent of electronic dictionaries and glossaries has hastened the translation process and reduced inconsistency rates amongst translators.

3. Speech Translation

Speech recognition technologies fused with the translation memory database has enhanced translation processes. Sounds spoken into a microphone can be compared with existing speech data by a voice recognition software. The recognized sound is then translated to the target language in a written form or orally.


The translation industry is vast and getting a good translation in this era is a matter of when and not how.

For over 17 years, Architekst, a professional translation agency has been providing translation solutions to businesses and now working in over 140 languages (including Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Vietnamese).

Another translation service  SHowbox ios 2020 which the translation agency renders is the localization of projects which includes
Translating websites professionally into any language of a target audience, Creating a translation memory which guarantees consistency across a website as it stores translations in a memory which curbs multiple translations and increases speed, hence saving cost. Search engine optimization and creating content on your websites for visitors, giving them an effective translation which can easily be found on search engines.

Architekst has the expertise and experience to reach the global marketplace in a preferred style, voice and tone via different media types, offering expert supervision to ensure perfect timing and sound quality in their ‘voice over / subtitling’ section of services. Transcription which involves converting an audio file to text is another translation service which the translation agency offers.

Architekst recognizes that many factors lead to a successful translation project which ranges from the revisers, the glossary, to the software used amongst others. The translation agency identifies the project manager as the most valuable to attain such success and so provides experienced project managers to guarantee the success of each project across a deadline.


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