How To Choose The Right Badge Holder For Your ID Card?


In every company, organization or institution people need to have their own set of unique id which helps in recognizing them as well as for security purpose. The most common form of identity verification is an ID card. But an identity card on its own is incomplete until you have something to hold it which will make it easier to handle it, so in comes the badge holder.

A right badge holder can make all the difference in how one carries their ID card. There are different types of badge holders available in the market like Brady ID Badge Holders and so on.

First thing anyone can ask is why to use a badge holder in the first place , after all an ID card can be placed in wallet or purse or so on. Well some of the reasons why use of badge holder is a good option are:-

  • Badge holders mak it easy to display the ID badges
  • They ensures in providing the secure holder which helps in keeping the ID cards intact.
  • They enable easy identification as ID cards are easy to spot out in badge holders.
  • They protect the identity cards against wear and tear.

Now the question arises how to know what ID card holder is best to use?

If you fail to pick the right badge holder then you will probably face lots of difficulties. So it is worth considering some aspects before choosing the ID card holders.

  • Know how you want the card to be displayed.
  • Is the ID card featured smart chip or RFID components.
  • Whether you want, them attached to the lanyards or not.
  • Consider whether you prefer them to be clipped or attached to a reel.
  • While choosing which type of badge holder you can going to use , following factors should be kept in mind
  • Durability:

The ID cards are always employed in such a way that they are used for many years. You have to make sure whether the holder is strong enough to have a long life.

  • Protection:

One reason to prefer Brady ID badge holders is that they provide complete protection, and flexibility. Badge holders major feature is to provide protection to the card that it holds. One has to make sure they are waterproof, scratch proof and so on to ensure proper protection for the identity card.

  • Proper Size:

Of course, the size of the holder also matters a lot. When you prefer printing badges by yourself then you can opt for the non standard size card holders as it becomes easy for you to shift between different shapes and sizes. Additionally, the cardholder should be in such a way that it is easy to put and remove the card.

  • Material:

In fact, they are different materials that are used in the manufacturing of the badge holders. So it is up to you to decide as per your budget and preference what sort of material you want to have the in the badge holder.

Now you can see that although it looks like an easy job to choose a badge holder for ID cards but still there are many factors which have to be taken into account before you make the right choice.

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