How to Ensure Maximum Employee Productivity in Your Workplace


Did you know that each year millions of dollars’ worth of productivity are lost due to work-related injuries? This not only impacts the reputations of businesses and the bottom line but also on the economy as a whole. It is a growing issue in our modern world and it is important that it is addressed in the right way through training and a proactive approach.

Manual Handling Injuries in the Workplace

There are strict occupational health and safety guidelines that govern every workplace. These rules and regulations are designed to minimise the risks to all staff in terms of injury, both chronic and acute. Despite this, there are many instances where guidelines are not followed correctly and staff are at risk of developing an injury.

Correct manual handling techniques are essential in any workplace where lifting and moving heavy objects is essential. For example, even moving a single box full of documents can result in a worker injury if it is not done correctly and the resulting costs in terms of absent days, workplace injury claims, and minimised productivity could be costly indeed.

Are You the Victim of Poor Ergonomics?

Of course, it is not only manual handling that is a problem. Nationwide, there are a multitude of both chronic and acute injuries caused due to poor ergonomics in the workplace.

For example, are you suffering from aches and pains? Do you have back pain? Are you developing sore wrists and fingers? Are you suffering from eye strain? Any of these conditions could be the result of poor ergonomics. Ill-suited work desks and chairs cause many health conditions due to poor posture, over-stretching, and poor body position for long periods of time.

Being Proactive About Workplace Health

The good news is that a single investment with a company such as can minimise the risks of these sorts of injuries. Everyone deserves to work in a safe workplace where the chances of injury are minimised as much as possible. A company engaged in this space can provide the following:

  • Assessing workplace ergonomics and recommending improvements
  • Setting up desks, chairs, and workstations so that worker injury is reduced
  • Conducting training in manual handling so that all staff are aware of the optimum methods of lifting and moving heavy objects
  • Assessing and identifying risks and hazards in the workplace

Work-related injuries and ongoing health conditions not only impact worker productivity and the bottom line but they also impact on overall staff satisfaction and morale. By minimising the risks and hazards in the workplace, staff benefit from a much safer working environment. From a business perspective, a one-time investment could save millions of dollars in lost revenue and brand perception!

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