How to Get a Cannabis Job


The marijuana industry is an industry here in America that is going from strength to strength, and this has meant that the number of cannabis jobs available in the industry has never been higher. The number of jobs is expected to grow as the number of states relax their rules for medicinal and recreational marijuana. These new businesses that are formed due to the relaxation of the law will need to hire employees straight away, and this will boost job numbers still further.

At the moment, the medicinal cannabis sector has a lot more jobs associated with it than the recreational sector. This is in part due to more states allowing medicinal cannabis usage than those states that allow recreational usage.

When people are searching for jobs in the industry, they most likely search for work growing cannabis, or working as a budtender. But, my advice is to not restrict your search just to this job alone, as there are plenty of new and exciting jobs out there waiting to be filled. For example, the cannabis industry is crying out for the following occupations:

  • Accountants
  • Marketing and Advertising Staff
  • Graphic and Web designers
  • Software engineers

Each of these jobs has a role to play in growing the industry.

There is a good chance that you will have to move to get a cannabis related job if your state currently disallows cannabis usage. Most of the jobs that are advertised now are found in states such as California and Colorado.

Through my experience, the best way to get a job in the industry is using websites such as, where they have a cannabis jobs search database. Another way to increase your chances of landing a job is to network. If you know someone who currently works in a cannabis company, try and see if they have any inside information of when jobs are becoming available, and they can even put in a good word for you if you decide to apply. Websites such as LinkedIn are good for trying to make connections.

To get experience in the industry and to increase your employability, a lot of people volunteer or do an internship at a cannabis business. This allows them to learn the ropes. Of course, these internships or volunteering placements tend not to be paid, but this should be seen as an investment which will payback when you manage to get a full-time job.

The key is to keep looking for opportunities and have a great resume which is ready to go at a moment’s notice. Oh, and make sure you practice your interview technique! If you can think of more tips, be sure to let us know!

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