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How to Get a Vehicle to Work as a PCO Driver


Working as a PCO driver in a large city like London can be very lucrative. With travellers trying to get to the next tourist site or business people trying to get to their next meeting, you may find yourself constantly busy. However, you need to have a good vehicle to work as a car for hire, which you can get by renting or buying one.

Qualifying Vehicles

Before you can work as a PCO driver, you must have the right type of vehicle. Your car must be in good condition and it cannot be older than a 2009 model. It should also have four doors to accommodate you and four passengers. If your vehicle does not qualify, there are companies from which you can rent or buy a vehicle that will qualify to be a PCO, or Private Carriage Office, vehicle.

Renting a Vehicle

If you do not have a car that qualifies you to be a PCO driver, there are companies that rent them specifically for that purpose. You can sign a contract to rent one on a weekly or monthly basis, or you can sign a three-month contract that will reduce the weekly rental cost. When you hire a vehicle to become a PCO driver, you do not need to worry about maintenance because it is included in the contract with most companies.

Most car hire contracts include:

  • Insurance
  • Service, which includes tyres and brakes
  • On-board cameras for security
  • Breakdown coverage
  • Document downloads for Uber

You do not have to worry about anything when you sign a contract for an Uber car hire in London.

Buying a Vehicle

Some companies offering PCO cars for hire also have rent-to-own options. When you sign a contract to buy a car, you simply need to put down a deposit, as you would with a rental contract, and pay the weekly rental amount and you will own the car after three years. There will not be any other payments required and it will include the same services as a regular rental during the rental period.

Types of Vehicles

Since you cannot drive a van or a truck as a PCO driver, companies offering rental cars have late model vehicles like the Toyota Prius for hire. Along with being a well-kept vehicle, the fuel costs are very reasonable, so you will not spend a fortune keeping the tank full and ready for the next passenger.

Whether you wish to work full-time or part-time as a PCO driver, there are many benefits such as making good money, not working in an office, and being able to meet people from around the world when you drive in the city. You can also drive outside of the city with the right license.

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