How to hire a software developer in competitive market


For immediate hiring or for a long term retention basis, to hire an experienced person or to hire a fresher, the job of hiring manager has always been challenging. There are so many incredible yet potential candidates looking out for a job, to choose from the best is quite a challenging task. However, you need to also make it a point that you choose a person who is not only good with his skills and abilities but can also match up well in the changing environment. This is the main reason why you are advised to hire a person with experience, knowledge and better behavioural pattern

When hiring an engineer:

There are many types of engineers that you may come across such as mechanical, software and even hardware. But the software developers over others have more demand. The applicants who apply for the job listings certainly are loaded with all the skills that a company is looking forward. You may keep good Java test or an aptitude test but at the end, it is important that you take your time, compare among the candidates and then make a decision on which one is the right option to choose. If you are making hiring 6 months before then you need to think about their training or internship criteria as well.

Opt for the Technology based recruiting services:

To find the potential candidates, to use a recruiting agency is worth but of course, you will have to pay money for that. Mind it; it is not so cheap to make an investment. Further, you will also have to make the investment in the candidate keeping his abilities in mind. However, you can opt for the technology based solution that offers a free service where you can match up with the company’s requirements to the requirements of the candidates who have got skills that you have been looking for. This way, it will help you avoid wasting your valuable time.

Showcase your company profile:

It is not only the candidate who needs to prove his capability but also the company. If you don’t attract the candidate with better motivation and encouragement, there are fewer possibilities for you then to come across the right person. Even if you are start-up, when you plan to hire a developer, make it a point that you offer the developer to choose the opportunity that would offer the better developmental solutions and how the company’s technologies involvement in new techniques can help the business grow.

Conduct training as a Part of Hiring

Simply conducting an aptitude test or personal interview is not what you must make your decision. Rather, you need to inculcate training also as a part of hiring process. The engineer that you plan to hire must be good enough to operate multiple languages since that is what the market demand. You need to train them and take their test to understand how well can they analyse.

Look for the candidate with better knowledge about different programming language, good scope of growth and also has the ability to present himself/herself in much better yet professional manner in front of the clients.

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