How To Make Your Budget Wedding Feel Expensive – From Professionals’ Advice


Regardless of the myth that inexpensive wedding appear substandard, elegant weddings can also be achieved on small budget. However, planning a wedding with limited budget requires you to prioritize the factors of your wedding that are most important to you and spread out the funds accordingly. Here’s a compiled list of tips on how to fashion a beautiful wedding arrangement even on low funds and make them look like a million-dollar affair.

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When in Doubt, Go For Simplicity

Clutter is the enemy of elegance, so keep your wedding arrangements aerodynamic if you’re on a strict budget. Keep the overlooks simple, instead of thriving for tons of DIY details that should be done by the professionals.

Plan Your Floral Arrangements Strategically

Flowers are of course, the essential in all wedding, but the floral bills can bust your wedding budget if you’re not being careful. The solution is, create a strategic attitude about where you place flowers at your wedding venue and which varieties you choose. If you’ve no idea how to accomplish that, you can contact florists with best flower delivery in London to help you spend less on most appealing arrangements. And remember, trying to keep your flower arrangement budget very low by not having sufficient flowers on the table is not going to make you happy! Therefore, be smart with your flower choices, if you’re on a strict budget.

Forbid the orchids and peonies, instead get more flowers for less money. When on a strict budget, design a large statement piece that your guests will notice at the entrance, this will surely impress your guests and make them feel that they are at a luxurious place.

Limit Your Guest List

Instead of trying to throw an expensive wedding on a low budget, professionals advice to crop your guest list. Rather than spreading low budget over plenty of people and having to cut corners in many areas, only treat your dearest and nearest to an unforgettable and intimate experience, as  the Professionals suggest!

Dabble in DIY

Though professionals are strongly against submerging a wedding in DIY arrangements, but you can still save plenty of money on paper, menus, ceremony programs and seating cards. Find creative ways to take some or all of these projects on yourself. Find a friend who is creative graphic designer. This way can be a worthwhile to save some bucks, if you can get cracking on these items way in advance to be safe.

Make Your Entrances Grand

Your guest may not remember the lack of flowers or inexpensive linen, but they will surely remember their entrance to your grand wedding. Make your guests’ entree striking by placing candles, flowers and other decor at the entry doors to set the tone for the occasion. If your wedding is casual enough, opt for paper illumina which are low in cost, as are the 9-inch glass cylinders as well with floating candles.

Closing Thoughts…

Finally, focus on the elements of your wedding that doesn’t cost a dime and make them really stand out. For instance, choreograph a dance for you and your bridal party to “wow” your guests as you enter the reception. Your friends and all the guests aren’t going to remember the color of the napkins, but they’ll definitely remember how festive and fun your wedding was. All in all, look for the ways to insert your personality at no extra costs!!!

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