How to Make Your MBA Application Stand Out


Do you think that you are a top qualified candidate for business school but are worried about standing out from the crowd? My friend, you are not the only one. People are absolutely fantastic at getting inside their own heads and psyching themselves out. Well listen, I want to help! Read on to exactly how to make your MBA degree standout from the crowd.

Be Yourself

I’m guessing that the last thing you want to read right now is the Band-Aid of all advice, that is, “Be yourself” but I’m going to fight you on this. I want you to be yourself and not another person that tells admissions exactly what they want to hear. Here’s the truth, business colleges want real people, with real interests that come from different backgrounds. This helps the college gain more influence into different communities; that being said, I’m telling you to be yourself.

During your interview and when you write your essay, be sure to tell admissions who you really are as a person. Are you the person that loved basketball so much that you organized a local league? Tell admissions that. Are you a foodie that has tried every place to eat in town? Tell them that. Are you a caring individual who volunteers with the homeless shelter? Tell admissions that. Sharing who you really are with admissions will help stand out from the crowd! In a world where every candidate is more or less qualified to the same degree, your shining personality can make all of the difference in the world.

Communicate Effectively

While it’s true that MBA students must be quantitatively skilled and having a degree such as NEC’s master in accounting can only help; being a skilled communicator will help you to stand out from the crowdthe most. Perhaps the highest paying skill in business is communication. Communication is essential to business;it is how everyone in the company knows what they are supposed to do.Obvious, right? A way to help you stand out from the crowd is to display your communication skills to admissions. To begin with, make sure that you do a good job on the essay’s and at the interviews. On the GMAT, make sure that you score well on the verbal section (Over a 37) and also complete the AWA section. The best thing for you to do is to practice good commutation skills all the time especially with your current job. This helps you build winning habits which will help you in any future undertaking.

Show That You Are a Team Player

Now yes, it’s true that on your MBA application, you should focus on your personal highlights to convince admissions that you are an all-star candidate, but you should also show admissions that you are a team player. Here’s the truth, business owners only want to hire people that are comfortable helping the team win; they want team players. MBA admissions are looking for the same qualities. Show admissions that you are a team player and that will add significant value to your application.

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