How to pick the best broadband plan


If you’re in Mumbai and in need of a good broadband plan, then you might consider checking out Airtel broadband. Read on to know why.

Mumbai is the city that never sleeps. Amidst the apparent chaos and the noise of the bustling city, Mumbai functions with pinpoint precision. There is no time to waste when there is work to be done – this explains why everyone seems to be in a tearing hurry all the time!

Just like the city’s fast pace, you need fast Internet in your life if you’re a Mumbai resident. There is so much to do – catch the news, book tickets to the latest plays and movies, check out new restaurant reviews, or simply chat with friends. A fast broadband connection at your house can help you stay connected to the city and to the world. But do you have the best broadband plan?

Let’s get you started on buying the best broadband plan for Mumbai:

* Compare existing offerings.

Most mobile operators and cable TV operators provide broadband Internet, but most of them are not worth your time or money. While each provider claims to have the best broadband plans, only a few market leaders like Airtel have good plans that are reasonably priced, packed with important benefits and which are varied in design. As a resident of Mumbai, you can get at least 12 different Airtel broadband plans and choose one based on your needs.

* Study price points.

Once you have found a suitable broadband plan, it is time to study their pricing. The best broadband plans in India today are priced as per the monthly data quota, transmission speeds, uptime, add-on features and plan duration (i.e. whether you buy a monthly, six-monthly or annual package). They are never priced as per your hourly or daily consumption, but on the overall data ingrained in it. Check comparable plans to pick the best broadband plan that offers the maximum bang for your buck. For instance, if you pick the annual broadband plan from Airtel, you get a 20% discount on the plan price (refer to the illustration below). This is a good amount of money saved.

* Check the data speeds and uptime.

The best broadband plans are those that are so fast that they are almost unobtrusive. They make it appear like the Internet is just one extra part of your body – there is never an outage, or unexplained slowdown in bad weather, or indeed, any issue that makes you sit up and take notice. Undoubtedly, the best broadband plans for Mumbai are available with Airtel – you can get super-fast speeds, no time lag for uploads and downloads even with the heaviest files and software, responsive customer care in case you ever face a network issue, and a robust network that offers always-on connectivity.

* Ask if you can upgrade your existing connection.

You may already have a broadband connection at home that you are not fully happy with. You should ask if it is possible to upgrade to another provider. If not, cancel your existing connection and step up to Airtel V-fiber technology – it offers an astonishing 99% uptime and extremely fast speeds. Airtel’s V-fiber technology is the consistent winner of the Ookla speed test time after time. Besides, the fibernet connection offers four excellent plans with data ranging form 150 GB to 1200 GB, and speeds up to s staggering 300 Mbps!

* Look for add-on benefits.

On the subject of the best broadband plans from Airtel, what makes them even more special is that Airtel provides additional benefits like a free router, free Amazon Prime subscription (based on the plan you buy), 100 Mbps speeds, easy account management, simple bill payment options and chance to change the existing plan at a later date.

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