How to profit using put options


Most of the Singaporean traders are making profits from put options but what about the naïve traders? They struggle to make profits since they don’t get the proper idea of how it works. If you want to trade like a pro you should understand the market. Without the understanding of the basics, it can be pretty hard to trade the market so make sure to grasp the basic knowledge. Actually, put options give the right to sell but it is not an obligation for the traders to sell. The price associated with the put options is called as the strike price. You should also keep an eye on the expiration that is when the maturity or expiration occurs so there is no use in having the options after the period of expiration. You should learn the ways how they are being traded and the rules and regulations related to it. Without understanding the rules and other essential factors it will be quite hard to profit from put options. Now, let us read the article to find out the ways to profit from put options.

Learn to identify the trend

To become a profitable trader you must trade in favor of the long-term trend. The majority of the new traders don’t know how to identify the perfect trend in this market. They simply trade the lower time frame data and loses a big amount of money. But lower time frame data will never give you the accurate trading signals. If you look at the pro traders at Saxo, you will see that most of them are trading the higher time frame. In higher time frame trading you won’t have to deal with lots of false trading signals. Most importantly you will be able to find profitable trades in favor of the long-term trend. However, if you still want to trade the lower time frame data, you need to learn multiple time frame analysis. Many traders are making tons of money in the put options trading system by using multiple time frame analysis as a filter.

Writing Put Options

The procedure of buying an option is equal to buying a stock when the price is falling. Put option can be compared to gaining profits when the price falls in a stock market. Anyway, you have the right to write an option. When a trader writes an option he or she will obtain a certain income so it is one of the easiest methods to profit from options trading. When strike price is above the stock then the put writer will get the obligation to purchase stock from the options holder. So it can happen when the price of the stock falls. The options trader has to understand the basic concepts related to writing an option if not it will be difficult for the trader to get the maximum use.

The Combining strategy

You should try combining call option with the put option if you want to get more advanced. In fact, by this combining strategy, you will be able to make profits. Actually, this is called the straddle strategy because it consists of both call and put option. The options trader who is using the straddle strategy should be extremely intelligent if not it can be quite hard to understand the complete scenario or to make the proper decision. If you want to gain profit from the straddle strategy you should make sure to become well-versed with it.

The learning procedure

Although this method will not directly influence in making the profit it will help you to become a successful options trader. You should make sure to follow a proper learning procedure and by learning you will be able to find tips, strategies, techniques and methods to trade options. By using the knowledge that you gained through the learning procedure you will be able to make profits. No matter what, without proper education, you will not be able to become a successful person.

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