How to Use an Online HR System


An online human resources system is a fantastic software solution for businesses small and large. By using an online HR system, HR processes become much quicker and easier to complete, while a variety of additional features can further improve workforce productivity.

Online HR systems are constantly connected to the internet and can be accessed by as little or as many staff as you want. Countless tasks become automated saving you time and resources, while the flexibility of an online HR system means you can find solutions that meet the unique requirements of your business.

 While investing in a new online HR system seems daunting, there are many benefits gained when implementing this new system, giving plenty of reason to bite the bullet and use an online HR system.

Consider What Features You Want

Think about the features you want in your online HR system. Do you want to have similar features to what your current HR system uses or do you want to implement new features to help streamline processes? There are many features available with an online HR system, so identify what you need most and what you may benefit from adding.

For example, certain features like absence manager, payroll manager, and notifications and tasks are must-have features. Flexible benefits are not essential but could be advantageous to your business, increasing motivation and productivity while building staff loyalty.

Access contorl is generally a good feature to have for security purposes, while self-service is a fantastic feature that can greatly improve productivity by allowing staff to manage their own records.

Draw up a list of what features you want and what you may want to add in the future – scalable online HR software can easily accommodate your future growth!

Finding a Suitable Online HR System

Before you get started with an online HR system you want to know what your options are. There a various vendors offering different features and functions within their systems, so it helps to establish what features you want with the system and then seeing what vendors offer these.

Also, try researching any vendor and check for reviews of their software, preferably from HR employees that have used the system first-hand. Look for things like usability, security, and how scalable the software is – doing this helps find a HR software solution that meets your long-term goals.

Installing the New Software

Installing an entirely new HR software system is certainly daunting but it doesn’t need to be stressful. By choosing the right installation methods you can ensure a smooth transition into the new system and there a few ways to achieve this.

For instance, many businesses prefer to implement a few HR processes into the system to begin with. This allows staff to familiarise themselves with the software and deal with any issues that may arise during the initial implementation.

Another option is to choose a full installation from the offset. This involves switching the entire HR system to the online solution, with all processes going into the cloud-based system. Doing so can save a lot of time and money compared to a staggered installation, although staff may have some issues learning an entire new system from the get-go.

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