How to use your phone for work


We present simple tips to use your smartphone for business-related work – starting with getting a good mobile postpaid plan.

There was a time when it was considered good business practice to have a landline phone for your office space. The landline number would be printed on all business communication.

However, times have changed rapidly over the years. Today, one’s office is located where one’s laptop and phone is! Many entrepreneurs today work remotely, and those who do not wish to invest in office space hire communal work desks or even work from coffee shops. The lines between what constitutes a professional work space and the reality of today’s work spaces, have blurred quite a lot.

Today, all one needs to be able to work is an Internet-enabled laptop and a smartphone. In many cases, the smartphone itself is taking the place of laptops, tabs and desktop computers. If there is a work-related functionality you need, it is already there on your smartphone. All it needs is a good mobile postpaid plan to get you started.

Here’s how you can use your phone for work:

* Get a separate number for work calls. You might be the sole proprietor of your company, and as such, you will have the same number for both personal and professional contacts. It is a good idea to separate the two – it is easier to streamline your work-related calls and data when you have a separate work number. Most smartphones today have dual SIM capabilities. Simply get a different SIM registered to your company or your name, and have that number printed on all your business communication.

* Add a professional caller tune to your work SIM. It is always better to have a professional-sounding caller tune on your work number. But make sure it is not the latest Bollywood chartbuster or a nursery rhyme – that is just unacceptable. Look up the caller tunes that your mobile provider has. There may be some that say the words ‘Your call is next, please hold the line…’ Or you can just let it ring in case you feel that the caller tune is too strange an idea.

* Get a mobile postpaid plan with sufficient data. Your work will make you travel far and wide, and you will attend many calls, send texts and IMs, do video conferencing and even edit presentations on the go. All of this requires a lot of data – so make sure that your business number comes with an excellent mobile postpaid plan. For instance, get an Airtel mobile postpaid plan – it offers a huge amount of data and unlimited voice calling and SMSs at an unbeatable price. At the moment, there are four Airtel mobile postpaid plans that you can opt for, that offer a range of benefits that will help you grow your business on the go. Take a look at their mobile postpaid plans in the illustration below.

* Install text, image and video apps on your phone. It is safe to say that smartphones have completely replaced laptops and desktop computers in every way. Not only do high end smartphones offer a high memory, they also come loaded with features that make business communication much easier. You can make your work life easy by installing apps for text, audio, video and editing tools as well. Start by installing MS Word, Excel, Office and the best rated apps for editing text, images and video. These will help you work from anywhere, at any time.

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