How to Win Clients and Influence Your Target Market With Bright Pattern Call Center Software


Every business wants to win clients and influence their target market, but your business can actually achieve those goals with Bright Pattern call centre software.

Its revolutionary cloud technology makes all the difference.

That’s because the software allows customers to have an effortless journey with agents. Customers can begin a conversation with an agent on the phone and finish through text, as they can transition from one channel (voice, email, text, bots, etc.) to the next. This allows a seamless process that benefits your clients.

This also makes it easier for your agents, whether you work in sales and marketing or run a more traditional customer service operation. With it, agents can see each step in a given customer’s journey and respond on any and all of the channels mentioned above.

By seeing the customer’s history of inquiries, an agent doesn’t have to ask the customer to catch up to each person he or she talks to. The agent will already know what the customer is inquiring about because he or she can see the call history and what the customer has said.

Customer service, satisfaction, and experience are everything, and that’s now truer than ever. Customers are willing to pay more money for a good experience. If you can provide this experience, you can gain and retain customers as well as jump the competition. Your customers want to seamlessly purchase their products. If they have questions or concerns, then they want fast and hassle-free responses. They don’t want to be on hold for long periods of time, especially when their questions don’t require long responses or are time-sensitive.

Bright Pattern’s call centre software has many key features that you can tailor around your business, agents, and call centre capabilities. For example, with interactive voice response, you can set up a self-service technology that allows your customers to receive answers and solutions to their questions without having to talk to a live agent, such as figuring out the status of a shipment. This service helps customers and frees up the agents’ time for other customers.

Another helpful feature for your clients is the virtual queue with the callback. This allows clients to hang up during peak call times and receive a callback when a customer service representative becomes available, as opposed to a client having to wait on hold for a representative to answer.

Automatic call distribution is another beneficial feature for customers and agents alike because calls and other interactions are automatically distributed to the right agents for the specific question or needs. As a result, customers talk to the most qualified and skilled agents in a particular department and agents can shine and best find solutions and answers for customers.

Your business already has a high-quality product/service, which is invaluable yet essential for all businesses. Now, you need a system to communicate with your customers effortlessly, making things easier for your clients and employees. If you can provide these things, then you will win clients and influence your target market.

You want your customers to feel valued while your agents offer as much information and support as possible about your products and services. The more you can provide them, and the better you can make their experience, the more clients you will retain and win, and you’ll also be able to influence your target audience.

Bright Pattern summarizes it well on its site: “Our technology and unique Cloud 3.0 microservices architecture were created by recognized contact centre industry leaders with over 25 years of experience building customer service software for enterprise-grade companies.”

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