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Important benefits of an Avaya Phone System

As a business owner, you’re continuously looking for ways to enhance productivity and save money. It is important to consider the technology that you use on a daily basis, understand how that technology works and the upgrades to your technology when necessary. An Avaya phone system is a perfect example of technology which is ready to give you benefits of immediate effect and long term as well. The following presents the benefits of choosing Avaya Phone System:

  • Save money- It is actually a good way to save your money in the long run. Think about it- If you sub-par technology is keeping you away from doing your task productively, your downtime is adding up. Downtime translates to lost money. With an Avaya phone system, you get the best collaboration tools in business at a reasonable price.
  • Increased productivity- Avaya phone systems are reliable when your network is down, email doesn’t work and clients can’t reach you.
  • Call Center- The call center of Avaya phone system is a specialized application, thus giving your business unparalleled customer service.
  • An Avaya phone system grows with your company- When you choose Avaya, your phone as well communication can be upgraded with the firm. So if you develop and grow, you can easily expand your collaboration network by adding new hardware or improving your current software via updates.
  • IP Office- By using Avaya you can create the most suitable system for your workforce. IP Office is the ideal system for mid-sized companies, which have close to 50 employee counts. It has all the bells and whistles in the larger systems but scaled down effectively to suit the needs and fit the size of your organizational structure.
  • Avaya’s rich history and tradition- They are a part of the legendary Bell labs. No other company comes close to matching Avaya’s research and development department. The best quality product is produced by the Bell lab and when you choose Avaya, you choose a company that is registering more than 5 patents a week.
  • Media Servers and Gateway- Avaya’s media Server and Gateway allow business that is operable from multiple locations to have a single server. If you install a server at the central location and put a Gateway at each satellite location, all places will be linked together.

Avaya Inc is an American multinational company stationed in Santa Clara, California and specializes in Internet telephony as well as wireless data communications, and Customer relationship management software. It provides business communication solutions towards customer and team engagement activities. Avaya currently services organizations at more than 1 million customer locations across the globe with operations divided globally into 5 regions. It is ranked at #101 on Forbes America’s largest private companies. Avaya sponsors training programs for IT professional certifications and training to enhance thecomfortable use of Avaya’s products. Avaya Phones in telecommunications is a desktop Internet Protocol client manufactured by Avaya which is the backbone of unified communications.

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