Increase Your Brand’s Visibility Using Innovative Measurement Tools You Use


Public relations isn’t just about making your brand stand out in the media spotlight, but it’s also about maintaining the created influence and keep it shining on your immediate competitors. Ignoring your public relations strategic plan is allowing your rival to overtake your niche and curtail your brand awareness.

A good public relations team will establish lasting relationships by acting as a bridge your personal needs and those of the media. Building an ‘identifiable brand identity is perhaps what necessitates the use of public relations professionals. You can’t allow the market dictate what your organization’s product will be; you should be preemptive about reaching out there and telling them about your products and services. That’s why Universal Information Services is there to help measure your public relations efforts and determine its impacts on your audience.

Powerful, Innovative Technologies

In today’s tech-based world, public relations measurement is more relevant than ever before. Your clients are searching your business online, tweeting about products, reading reviews, and building their experience with your brand. A single tweet could be worth more than your whole advertising budget.

But most companies are still wholly interested in the ROI when it comes to public relations outcomes. The field is rapidly growing, with 70% of enterprises providing numerous services from media relations to event management.

Competitive businesses will recognize the significance of earned media. Research indicates that most consumers prefer earned media to any other source. Emerging technologies will make public relations measurement much easier. Besides, they’ll enhance the integration of traditional media and social media. Previously, most organizations placed a large bundling board between the two and traditional media monitoring clients didn’t comprehend social media listening.

Nevertheless, new platforms are now available to perform both functions efficiently. Most public relations measurement services employ professional human analysts to develop automated tools which can monitor media mentions, establish its influence, and relate the coverage to specific business objectives like sales.

Public Relations Measurement Standards

Leading corporations unveiled the updated version of Barcelona Principles, called Barcelona Principles 2.0, recently. A comprehensive guide for public relations measurement, the ideologies further refines suggested PR measurement practices, underlines the importance of measurement, and institute a clear discrepancy between measurement and evaluation. The revision includes a more detailed focus on qualitative analysis and emphasizes the importance of transparency and consistency.

Get the right endorsements

Public relations experts can help you connect and build strong relationships with the movers and shakers pertinent to your target market. Certain organizations can also improve your brand, deliver it to the right individuals, and secure dependable endorsements. Trusted leaders and celebrities can have full consumer reliance as a close family member or friend, meaning it can be immensely beneficial to form the necessary connections.

While ROI is important, there are several ways to it. Your public relations team is working hard to build you brand identity, keep your competition shining, and create incredible valuable relationships for your organization. This may seem more intangible when adequately measured using sophisticated tools. PR is about generating an environment of realistic endorsement. An experienced publicist should strive to ensure your brand is visible to editors, journalists, celebrities, and tastemakers.

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