Industry Evolution to Live Up to Customer Expectation


The world has taken a gradual shift from product oriented approach to service oriented one. Earlier the main focus of each manufacturer (of product or service) was on the quality of the end product. The universal opinion was that if the product met the user expectations, the success and growth of company reputation was imminent. But, with various technological advancements and standardizations applied in development processes, achieving the universal quality and competing at the global level became easier. This made the providers shift their focus from product quality to other aspects so as to differentiate the product from competitors. The most effective feature realized in the product delivery cycle was service level or customer experience. The product was more or less similar, so providers started innovating the process through which the customers received, used and maintained the product. Issues like delivery time, customer relationship, discounts and offers and post delivery service was started to be treated with highest level of sincerity. Such was the impact of results of this shift that a whole new industry came into existence, solely to cater to the needs, expectations and experience of the customer. Where customer was treated with neglect and ignorance, injury compensation claims and other remuneration concepts were invented to further compensate for the overall customer service standards.

Assume that there are thirty vegetarian restaurants which serve only Chinese cuisine in the city. Each restaurant has passed all the quality audits and has the most qualified cooking staff. This means that the product standards are nearly equal for all. But two years down the line, it was seen that just 3 out of the thirty could exhibit a continuously growing trend in the business parameter. On studying every aspect of the business, it was found that the biggest point of distinction between these three and remaining twenty seven restaurants was that the customer service levels. In the three outlets, the food was delivered on time, the waiters were exceptionally well behaved, the general ambiance was hygienic and uplifting. They also had regular concerts, events and theme parties to entertain the customers. The testimonial of the customer is the best way to gain or lose one’s reputation. When a consumer is dissatisfied or feels hard done by, he can file all sorts of claims viz. injury compensation claims, medical negligence claims etc.

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