Is 30K is enough to Live in Delhi


If you are planning to move to, and wish to live in 1 bhk flat on rent in Delhi you must make sure your budget allows you the luxury. Since most of the youth of India wish to move to the metros for higher career growth, these cities have become quite high priced as the residential space is becoming crowded.

Even a semi-furnished 1 bhk flat on rent in Delhi costs around 13 k – 15 k, minus the electricity bill which will not amount to more than Rs.500- Rs.1000 per month, given the fact you’re living alone. That brings your total coast of accommodation to around 14 k (approx.).

Now, since you’ll be in a flat on your own, managing your meals is also up to you. You can either go for the tiffin system service that is now becoming popular and is pretty affordable or cook or eat out, as you like.

For breakfast you can always rely on oat-meals, cornflakes, bread-omelets and milk, tea, coffee or juice as per your preference. Supposing you go by cornflakes, milk and eggs, let us calculate the daily expenses. A half-a liter packet of milk, plus cornflakes and eggs etc . will make your total around Rs. 1100/- Rs. 1200/- per month, for breakfast.

As for the tiffin system, you can get 20 meals per month for around Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2500, depending upon your choice of service. Let’s say you go for the least expensive one, and shell out Rs. 1500/- for around 20 meals a month, and manage the other 40 meals (considering you have 2 full meals a day) by yourself. Now your total is Rs. 15, 500. Adding on to the cost of groceries for those remaining meals, considering you cook at home, your expense for raw material will be around Rs. 1500/- and the cost of gas cylinder, Rs. 750/- per month will bring your total to 17,250/-. Now your monthly expense will be around Rs. 18,000/- to 19,000/-.

If you commute by metros, your monthly expense will amount to Rs. 2000/- at max and if you choose to go by cabs, you’ll be spending around Rs. 3000 per month. After adding the cost of commuting, you’ll be shelling out Rs. 21,000/- Rs. 22,000 /- per month.

Let’s throw in a few bucks here and there for phone and internet packs and those expenses we cannot keep count for and make it an even 24,000.

So, even if you live lavishly in a 1 bhk flat on rent in Delhi, 30K will cover all your expenses and leave you with sufficient amount to go for shopping every month.

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