Is Central Air Conditioning My Only Option?

With increasing global warming the summers are getting hotter with every passing year. And people look for the options to beat the heat out. One such option or to chill out on a hot summer day is ‘Air conditioner’. Air conditioners are marvelous innovations. Although the technology and principal used in air conditioners is simple, yet these are powerful, smart and efficient enough to knock out summer’s heat. This article is a brief guide on how to purchase an air conditioner and what are your various options.

What are my Different Air Conditioning Options?

According to a survey, each year more than 6.5 million air conditioning units are sold. On average the annual household’s spending on air conditioning units is 13%. This makes it important and necessary to choose the right air conditioning unit for your home. Central air conditioning is your one option but it’s not the ultimate option. The room air conditioning units are inexpensive and energy efficient option. Also, you have options to choose an AC unit according to your room size. This means you are not too limited to central air conditioning.

Choose the Air Conditioner According To Your Room Size

The air conditioners are available in multiple sizes. But it does not mean that all sizes will be best for your room. The ACs are manufactured in different sizes according to the size of your room. Therefore it is important to select the unit according to your room size. A small Ac unit in a large room takes longer time and consumes more energy to cool room. On contrary, a large AC unit in a small size AC will extras cool the room without removing all the moisture.

Things That You Must Consider:

If you want to save your money and time, then you must consider some things/features of an AC unit before making a purchase. One of the important things that you need to do before purchase an AC is to check and review the customer response and ratings. These reviews are very helpful for you to evaluate the functioning of any product. Some other things that you need to look at an AC are:

  • Filter Location – check the location of the filter in your preferred model and make sure it is easily accessible to you.
  • Easy to Remove, Clean & Install Filter – Check the mobility of filters and how easy is it to remove, clean and install filters.
  • Noise Factor – make sure that your AC unit not very noisy. You check reviews of previous customers online to know whether the model is noisy or quiet.

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