Is It Time to Upgrade to A Quoting Software


In business, selling is the backbone that sustains operations. Without sales, it becomes virtually impossible to continue being in business. Even when it comes to this all-important process, it is not just about the everyday selling, but rather how professional and accurate the process is. Just like any other business process, the selling process should be efficient so that it can support growth in the years to come.

Manual selling where price quotes are generated using basic spreadsheets is bound to be erroneous at some point because it depends more on individual effort to review all the quotes to ensure they are right. Thanks to innovation, price quoting has now been given to CPQ (configure price quote) software which automates the entire process, making sure your selling is accurate and professional. If you are not sure your business is ready for CPQ Software, below are signs you could actually be in need of one.

Dependence on Manual Review of Quotes

In the short term, having a person go over all the sales quotes to ensure there is accuracy in product configuration may seem a good and cost-effective idea. However, as you go into the long term, such a manual process may not be dependable because individuals change, go on leave, and their accuracy may flop at some point. You can’t be looking for temporary replacements or hiring new workers to man your quoting process because this is inconveniencing, affects quality, and is expensive. With quoting software, the entire process is automated which improves speed and accuracy.

The Quotes You Send Out are Inaccurate

You can send inaccurate sales quotes to customers because of incorrect product configuration or pricing. Whatever the case, such instances are regrettable and must not be allowed to take place. Imagine starting a relationship with a new client, and then the first mistake you make is an erroneous quote. It can embarrass you, but more so, it can affect your bottom line. Automate the process to avoid such issues.

You Have Plans to Enhance Your Revenue

No business goes into operation without the ambition to grow its revenue base. If you are in the process of planning rapid growth, you need to consider investing in a quoting software. Growth in numbers means an increase in sales quotes as well. The software will cut the amount of time you and your team spend in sales quote generation so that you can use it in other parts of your business.

You are Still Using Excel and Word to Generate Quotes

Every business has to start somewhere, but over time, you are expected to upgrade to efficient and accurate systems. Excel and Word are prone to errors and take too much of your time in generating sales quotes. Also, some of the sales documents they produce are not standard at all, and this may impact on your reputation and business operations. With quoting software, you will revolutionize how you create quotes and can discover how much you are saving in resources.

Lastly, when you see your sales team spending less time working in the office, it is high time you support their mobility. The best way you can do this is by giving them a CPQ Software from renowned business solutions providers such as iQuoteXpress. This enables them to generate accurate quotes anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

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