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Is Your Supplement Packaging Safe & Sustainable


When a person is not eating well, his or her doctor will usually recommend a dietary supplement to provide the much needed nutrients for his or her health. Supplements come in the form of a pill, tablet, capsule, or in liquid form. When a person is eating well, his or her body extracts nutrients from the food eaten and digested in their stomach. Supplements are either extracted from natural food sources or synthetic.

Today, people are very health conscious and many are taking one or more dietary supplements as part of their daily diet. Some take supplements because they were recommended by their doctors when their doctors found the patient lacking in certain nutrients. Others take supplements without any prescription from their doctor and they do so because they were recommended by friends or by direct sellers promoting their health products. Common supplements sold over the counter in pharmacies or by direct sellers that do not required a prescription include herbal products, vitamins and minerals. One of the reason why people take supplements is to make sure that their body is not lacking in essential nutrients and also to improve or maintain their health.

If a person is eating a balanced variety of healthy foods, he or she does not need to take supplements. But there is no harm in taking some small quantity of common supplements if the person chooses to do so as long as the supplements do not cause any health complications or side effects. Those who chooses to take supplements without a doctor’s prescription do so at their own risks. Some supplements are not to be taken by younger children and pregnant women. People with certain health conditions who are taking medication on long term basis should consult their doctor before they think of taking any supplement. Some supplements may not go well with the medication they are taking.

Before buying supplements, we normally check to make sure that the safety seal is not broken and that the content inside the packaging is not contaminated or their quality compromised. Supplements are usually packed into glass bottles, plastic bottles, single use plastic bags or pouches, and etc. to protect from extreme temperature, moistures, odour, and etc.

These days, supplement packaging companies are using various types of recyclable packaging or biodegradable packaging after single use plastic is found to be harmful to the environment. One popular packaging is the flexible packaging which has considerable advantages such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and energy used. This type of eco friendly packaging provides various conveniences such as easy storage, packaging can be re-sealed, can be microwaved, and keeps the product fresh throughout its shelf life.

Biodegradable flexible packaging includes stand-up and lay-flat childproof pouches that are odour and moisture resistant and resealable with child resistant zipper. Thus, the quality and freshness of the products are preserved and the products remained safe and secured.

Biodegradable packaging is a good alternative to traditional plastic which do not decompose for many hundred years. Biodegradable plastic starts to decompose when it is exposed to daylight.

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