Jump into the Market- How to Register a Business Name?


In the last two decades or so, the number of global startups has increased at a pretty healthy rate. Today, more and more individual want to own a business, there may be several reasons for it. One maybe, they feel that their idea which can take the market by storm and most importantly, more exposure. But, many face the common problem of registering a business name because of lack of knowledge. Register a business name is important to avoid two organizations with an identical name.

How to register a business name?

The process of registering a business name in most global economies like the United Kingdom is pretty easy and straightforward. There are many online sites listed which automate the process of registering a business name.

A limited company

If you are serious about creating a business, and not just a legal outlet, you will need to register as a limited company. The only reason you should opt for any other type of trade entity is only after the advice of your CA. But, before you can do that, you need to consult an expert to figure out which package will suit your need and purpose. In, order to open a company bank account, you need to show a printed certification of incorporation.

What’s in the name?

Before you finalize on any business package, you need to choose a business name. This can be anything influenced by your idea, name, business domain, but shouldn’t rude, or something you might not have to change in near future. It should be generic enough to cover what you plan to it, but at the same time specific enough to convey your plan to your customers. So, instead of creating a joke company like rock on property consultants choose a name which is decent to the eyes and lips of your potential customers.

A good name is something related to the intended industry, should be pronounceable, and shouldn’t be negative or stupid when pronounced rapidly on call or direct interaction. Some years after naming your company, you feel that your business name is inappropriate or don’t have that feel good factor, then change it, it’s quite easy.

One final note about names, you can’t duplicate a company name, and there are certain words like the UK which don’t count as a difference. For example, Rob trade Ltd. And Rob Trade UK Ltd is the same.

Against to some people sayings, you can register your business with your home address. But, you have to tell your society, landlord, or anyone concerned in written. Normally, you supposed to display your company name somewhere out your flat or building. Moreover, you can change your home address anytime.

However, if you need to have a registered company office to build your public image and brand- it is ideal.

Go ahead; follow your idea and dreams- register a business name. There should not be any other difficulty in the registering process in most countries. And, it hardly takes a few working days for this process.

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