Keeping up with Paperwork in the 21st Century

Stacks of paper ready to be filed.

In today’s world, a significant number of important documents exist in two forms – digital and paper based. This makes the management of those files even more complicated, as it may become necessary to make changes or revisions to files in one format when the same has occurred with the other format.

Keeping up with the fluid state of 21st century records is difficult, and it requires us to be even more vigilant with cross-validation. Without that, records can become skewed, to the extent that one version of a file reflects a different reality to another version. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to develop a system through which duplicated versions of files are synced and updated in tandem.

Enlist the Help of a File-Handling Service

The most effective way to keep up with the flood of digital files and their hard-copy counterparts is by enlisting the help of a file-handling service. A good example of a company that provides services like this is Paper-Escape. Companies like this can help in several ways. We will go over three of them in the space below:

  • Document Scanning: Transitioning into the digital age often requires updating your records so that paper-based files now have a digital home on your server. This is an arduous job, as every single file needs to be scanned and saved at its new destination. A service like the one indicated above can complete this task for you. All that you have to do is supply them with the paper-based files.
  • Document Storage: In the case that it is still necessary to keep a hard-copy version of all of your files, you may find over time that there are simply too many files on hand to properly store them on site. When a problem like this develops, a file-handling service will be able to store the files for you safely and securely at an off-site location. The files are there when you need them – but they are not taking up storage space at your facility.
  • Secure Document Shredding: Some hard-copy files will eventually outlive their purpose and need to be disposed of. However, their disposal needs to happen in a safe and secure manner so that any sensitive data is correctly handled. A simple in-house shredder may not be secure enough. However, a qualified, professional service will use a state-of-the-art shredder to ensure optimal privacy and security.

Engender Trust with Your Customers

The above are just a few of the advantages of chartering a professional document handler to assist with the creation, duplication, transportation and destruction of sensitive files. By entrusting your files to a company like this, you’ll be ensuring that security protocol are in place.

It’s also worth noting that coordinating the handling of your sensitive documents through a qualified service also gives your clients, customers and colleagues a reason to trust you with their own personal data. When you are able to demonstrate that these files are carefully handled at every stage of their handling, everyone enjoys greater peace of mind.

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