Key Reasons to Choose a Career in Chartered Accountancy


Interested in a career in chartered accountancy but worried that you will have to spend the rest of your life sitting on a desk crunching numbers? In that case, you couldn’t be more wrong. The field of chartered accountancy opens multiple doors for you. Today we find chartered accountants serving on the boards of the top multinationals, auditing some of the biggest companies, advising governments, and improving the financial management of businesses across multiple industries.

Chartered accountants are in demand all over the world, including New Zealand, where you will find a growing number of professionals working as chartered accountants nz. These professionals play a crucial role in the running of an organization. They perform various functions such as offering financial advice, maintaining sound financial records, providing information that determines critical business decisions, assessing risks faced by the business, and conducting audits. Without hiring the services of a chartered accountant, any business is likely to feel lost.

If you are wondering whether a career in chartered accountancy is your best option, here are some reasons why you should give it serious consideration:

1) A secure career path

Given the rising cost of education in today’s world, every student wishes for a career path that is secure enough to pay them back in the future. Chartered accountancy is one of the most secure career options as it is always in demand. Every business, regardless of its industry and size, needs qualified finance professionals. Moreover, chartered accountants are known for their high level of skills and expertise. Anyone who opts for this career path can be sure that their skills will be in demand.

2) Great salary packages and perks

Chartered accountants are considered highly qualified professionals in the field of finance. And with this prestige comes great salary packages and perks. You can expect to make a very decent living for yourself during your studies as well as after you qualify. Even as a student of chartered accountancy, you are eligible for many finance positions that pay well. Once you qualify, you only see your career reach greater heights, with an impressive rise in salary and other benefits.

3) Extensive knowledge

Another great reason to consider a career in chartered accountancy is the range and depth of knowledge and training this field provides. You can learn about so many different areas like business law, financial reporting, auditing, taxation, and how to ensure sound financial management of a business. Moreover, you are also taught to adhere to certain ethical standards and how to respond to challenging ethical scenarios.

4) A combination of study and training

Qualifications in chartered accountancy involve studying and exams, as well as practical experience and training. During your studies, you are likely to receive full support from the organization you work for. They will train you in different areas, with some even contributing towards the cost of your qualification and letting you have some time off to prepare for your exams. This is because employers are aware of the benefits a chartered accountant can bring to the table. They know you will be of greater value to them once you qualify, and thus, they are willing to support you throughout your journey.

5) Variety of career options

Gone are the days when you would find accountants hunched over their desks working with numbers all day. Today chartered accountants are seen working for organizations across different industries, performing a variety of roles. You can work for an accountancy firm that provides services to different clients. Consequently, you may find yourself working with a young start-up one day and a giant multinational the next. Alternatively, you could work in the finance department of an organization, overseeing all its financial management. Many chartered accountants also work for government departments, ensuring efficient allocation of the budget.

6) Flexibility to work anywhere in the world

Unlike other professions whose demand significantly varies in different countries, chartered accountancy is one profession that is in demand all over the world. No matter where you choose to work, you will find your skills and expertise being valued and respected. Qualifications such as ICAEW are recognized worldwide, allowing you to work anywhere across the globe.


A career in chartered accountancy is a great option for anyone who has an interest in this area. Chartered accountants are always in demand due to their extensive knowledge, high professional standards, and technical competence. As a professional in the field, you get a wide range of exciting career options, no matter where in the world you are located.

So, if you have any doubts or fears about choosing a career as a chartered accountant, it is time you let them go and step into this profession with full confidence. It will be a decision you are very unlikely to regret.

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