Know about advertising and Understand its benefits


Advertising is nothing but a non personal way of promotion that is usually done through some choosen media networks. Commonly this is a paid service and so the customer have to pay for message placement to the marketer. Since long advertising is treated as the method of promotion publicaly and in this one single message can cover a huge number of population at a time. But, this huge promotion approach have many types of problems. The reason is that most of the location or region may not come under the marketer’s target and thus, it may be considered as the waste of money. Since this has now started changing because the new advertising technologies are coming up and many new emergence of media are launching.

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Given below are the best benefits of advertising 

  1. Generates More Employment:

Advertising is considered as the best in generating employment opportunities and it also helps in generating various kinds of jobs. Advertising usually provide jobs to screen printers, artists, script-writers, block-makers, painter, etc. Today if you see and understand you will come to know that advertising is a profession for many. There are some companies that do advertising job only. Orangelabel Art + Advertising is one of the best.

  1. Improves the Standard of Living:

Because of advertising people always get information about the new products that have been launched recently. So as people go on using these new products, the standard of their living gets improves. Advertising is also helpful in providing jobs and thus it increase the amount of income of the people. Both these have positive effects on living standard.

  1. Survival of Communication Media:

Usually the main communication media considered are Newspapers, T.V., Magazines, Radio, etc. The major source of income for such companies is advertising. If these companies do not get paid for advertising, they wont be able to survive in the market. The importance of these companies is that they keep the society aware about the world and other news. This makes their existence the most important.

  1. Creates Healthy Competition:

When a company advertise about the product, they have to improve the quality of the product along with lowering the price. Competition is the only reason why the companies have to to improve the product they are manufacturing instaed of finding mistakes or faults in the product of their competitors. The biggest benefit of this goes to the consumer because thsy get the best product at realible cost.

  1. Economic Development of the Country:

Today, we can see that the effect of advertising is not at all limited to the four walls, instead it has now gone beyond the nations. Companies pay a huge money to these advertising companies and thus it helps in improving the productivity of the nation and also helps in raising the over all funds of the country.

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