Know About The GST Tax In India And You Can Register


The GST is the largest tax in India. It is largely improving the ease of operating the business and also increases the taxpayer base in this country by bringing a lot of small businesses in this nation. With the help of GST, several taxes have got abolished in the single system; the tax complexities get reduced along with the tax base has increased in a substantial manner. Under the new GST tax regime started in this nation, all the companies that are involved in the buying and selling of the goods or offering services are required to get the registration in the GST. The business entities without the GST are not allowed to collect the GST from the customers or input the tax credit, otherwise penalized.

Further, it has become mandatory to have the GST registration once the enterprises have crossed the minimum turnover to start a new business that is expected to cross the turnover. According to the GST council, the business entities that come under the special category states having the yearly turnover of more than 10 lakhs, should have the GST registration. Other than this, other entities around India should obtain GST having the annual turnover of more than 20 lakhs.

There are various companies in India that offer the business services of GST in India like the GST registration, privately limited company registration, trademark filling and the GST return fillings. This company helps to obtain the GST registration and also helps in maintaining the GST compliance with the help of various software applications. The average time to get the registration for GST is for about 4-10 days. You can get a free consultation regarding the registration of GST from such companies so that you can understand the requirement of this tax and how it can help the small businesses.

Documents required having the GST registration

There are various documents that you should require to show when you are going to get the registration for the GST. You should have the PAN card; you should be having the proof of the business registration or the incorporate certificate, identity and address proof, bank account proof and digital signature.

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