Lifestyle marketing to refurbish Company’s Marketing Strategy


A call to action commonly requests buyers to visit a store or fill out a contact form. In any case, lifestyle content draws in clients with data that includes information without a direct link to buy. You’d be excited to peruse an email from your best friend, isn’t that so? Treat clients like friends by creating connections based on shared values and interests, as opposed to continually approaching them to do something for you.

With the right brand marketing agency, you can increase your company’s click-through rates on call-to-action posts and improve the company’s overall brand image.

Take for instance Nike uses more of lifestyle content than Adidas. 60% of Nike’s posts highlight lifestyle content and its conventional call-to-action posts got an average of 993 shares per post. Interestingly, just 32 percent of Adidas’ posts highlight lifestyle content, with its conventional posts getting an average of 122 shares per post. If you want a lifestyle marketing company to work for your organization, know how your organization’s brand lines up with customers’ emotions and turn into an expansion of those values. You’ll use fewer calls to action, but the ones you post should connect with your customer’s emotions.

Same goes with lifestyle travel, with proper knowledge about the towns and cities, travelers would be swarming into the country. For example, Norway is one of the most green, perfectly preserved places in the world, nestled somewhat close to the pole and surrounded by the most pristine blue waters you will ever see. From Oslo, the train ride to the student town of Bergen is nothing short of the fabled Polar Express. Misty white, snow draped mountains, clear aqua blue water and winding tracks make this a memorable ride where you can get a dazzling frame just by pointing and shooting your camera from the window. The majestic journey is perhaps a heritage that will charm generations of tourists for ages to come, much like the country itself. Who would not love to enjoy a train journey like the Polar Express movie? Every dad in the world would want to see their kids enjoy this ride. Even for the destination wedding planners it could be a dream wedding for them.

A fine example of town planning that integrates modern architecture with sloping, wooden Norwegian housing and stone monuments from centuries ago. Add to it sloping streets and the water all around and you have one of the least polluted and happiest cities in the world, something that easily explains why this breed of Scandinavians is one of the happiest in the world.

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