Magnetic Particle Testing in Dawson Creek


The process of magnetic particle testing in Dawson Creek is one which can take on many forms. When hiring a company or an independent contractor to do on-site particle testing, not only do you want to hire a company which specializes in the specific metal or alloy which is to be tested, but one which is fully familiar with the latest particle testing methods, as well. Whether they are going to conduct on-site alternate current magnetic particle testing in Dawson Creek, full or half wave DC testing, or are going to conduct testing on different metal finishes, customers have to make sure the company which they hire is fully familiar with these testing methods. Further, as a customer, when choosing a contractor to hire, you are going to want to make sure they are up to date on the latest testing methods, and that they have all required equipment for performing the metal particle testing services.

In choosing a contractor, you want to ensure they are familiar with these types of testing. If conducting alternate current testing, the contractor should be familiar with the fact that this testing method is limited, as it can’t fully detect all discontinuities on the surface of the metal which is being tested. Additionally, the contractor should understand which metals this method is most commonly used to test, and how to properly find discontinuities in the surface in the event they are performing this testing method. The same goes with full and half wave DC testing. Although both are more advanced, half wave is going to allow for testing discontinuities in the metal’s surface, where shifting or movement is present, in a manner where the full DC testing might not allow a contractor to fully determine these discontinuities in the surface of materials being tested.

As with the different testing methods, in choosing a contractor, customers also have to understand the different methods of testing, as well as all the equipment which is required to render such testing. So, hiring a company which does have all required equipment, to perform testing properly on site, is important to ensure testing is properly conducted, and metal discontinuities are going to be detected, whether they are performing testing on a copper, nickel, or other alloy metal base which is being tested on the job site. Wet horizontal MPI machines, mobile power packs, and magnetic yokes, are a few of the many pieces of equipment a contractor should have on hand when arriving to perform testing. So, in choosing a contractor, customers have to ensure they are dealing with a company that is not only familiar with all of the latest testing methods, but also one which has the proper equipment to perform the testing.

When time comes to choose a local contractor, these are a few of the factors you will want to consider, in order to know you are dealing with the most qualified teams to perform metal testing, on all metal surfaces.

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