Maintenance Management Software Programs- What They Offer


Factories and manufacturers need to make sure that all of their machines and equipment are running in their optimal condition. It’s important that all machines and equipment be properly maintained in order to avoid sudden breakdowns or damage. If a machine suddenly stops working, production will be affected as it is. That is one of the main reasons why companies have dedicated maintenance management programs, which are used in order to figure out the servicing and maintenance dates of different machines.

Previously, keeping track of the last time a machine was serviced was slightly more difficult. Companies would maintain detailed ledgers and journals, where they would write about all the servicing and repair work that was done. When a machine is brought to the factory, the cost is capitalised, and the machine’s value depreciates over a specific period of time. However, if a machine isn’t maintained properly, its lifespan will decrease sharply. Using a CMMS, also known as a computerised maintenance management software program, has become a common practice for many factories and their manufacturing concerns.

How Does the Program Work?

The basic concept behind a computerised maintenance management software program is quite simple: it allows you to put in details of different machines, and determine the intervals at which maintenance would be required. Since Windows is the most commonly used operating system in the world, the program is usually compatible with most computers that use Windows OS.

The program offers a plethora of different features that engineers can use to make scheduling maintenance a breeze. The program allows engineers to balance the workload between different teams, so that no employee feels that they have been overworked. As a result, employee morale and performance will improve across the board.

Apart from this, the software program also allows companies to regulate operating expenditure, and keep a check on inventory costs as well. Proper maintenance increases the overall life of the machine, which in turn, reduces the capital expenditure. Apart from this, proper maintenance can also reduce the chances of unscheduled downtime.

Comprehensive reports can be created with the help of the program, which allows businesses to track equipment maintenance and create audit trails. As auditing is such an important issue for large organisations, the importance of proper audit trails cannot be discounted. It minimises the time it takes for auditors to audit the reports, so there are fewer disruptions in the company.

Other Features

Modern maintenance management software programs make the best use of technology so that engineers can keep track of the overall performance of the equipment. You can export the whole maintenance schedule over to Microsoft Project, or you can also set up SMS reminders, and email alerts if you want. You can also set up alerts on mobile through the mobile app, so that you are always able to monitor the performance of the different machines. You can also set up the program to produce detailed reports, evaluating the efficiency levels of the different machines, allowing you to repair or calibrate any machines that show signs of lagging behind.

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