Make More Money by Designing Great Business Cards


Marketing is one of the ways to expand your business niche in your industry. Although the marketing sector has undergone tremendous changes over the years to become more digitalized, business cards are still one of the marketing strategies that you just cannot ignore. With the era of the internet, smartphones, and digital devices, business cards still stay relevant because they have a unique ability, and that is they put a face to contacts. Good business cards are marketing tools that provide contact information to potential clients.They offer an opportunity to meet personally with your potential clients.The other available networking tools in the industry currently cannot beat the personal touch that business cards have. A hard copy has more effect on a human memory than adigitalized one. This makes the information about the business easy to remember and conveys the intended information perfectly.

The first impression is always important to clients, and a business card can tell more about the professionalism of your business and the services and quality that you can deliver. This means that the design of the business card is essential if you want to capture the attention of your potential client. There are some tips that you should have up your sleeve when you want to design a “statement making” business card.

Things You Should Know About Designing Business Cards

A business card is a reflection of your business, thus the style used has to reflect the industry or business that you are in. The style has to give your potential clients the message you would like to portray from a single glance.

So many printing services can get your business card printed. Getting the right printing service is essential if you want quality work. It is highly recommended that when you want to design your business card you engage a professional through the entire process. You can have the idea and let the professionalperfect on it to give you the best possible design for your business card. People tend to use a lot of finances and time when it comes to designing a business card rather than using images and stock templates. When you design it yourself rather than using a template, this is something that gives your business card an edge.

There are different types of cards that you have to consider while coming up with your design ideas. Traditional business cards are made from white or cream cards that are printed with black ink. This is a safe design, and the simplicity of the design makes it an all-time classic.

Picture cards—There is probably competition thatwill target the same clients that you are targeting. So what will make the client pick up your business card and call you instead of your competitors? Personalizing your business card makes it look unique and, depending on the design, it can be outstanding. You can add images of the products and services that you offer or even a picture of you to make you memorable.

Tactile cards—This is the most expensive card type. They may be manufactured from a nonstandard material or have unique graphics that will distinguish it from your competitors. There are businesses that need to show a high standard of class and quality of products and services offered. These type of cards may be worth such an investment.

Multipurpose business cards—This is a type of card that is all-inclusive. It may entail such things as a map, appointment reminder, or even a discount coupon.

Important Features of a Business Card

It can be a little challenging to design the best business card, but when you have an idea of what should be included in the card, it becomes easier. There is some basic information that any card should not miss. This includes:

  • Your name and job title: Thisacts as your job identity and makes it easier for the client to refer to you.
  • Logo and tagline: This is the identity of your business.
  • Contact information: The traditional purpose of a business card was to make it easier for the client to contact you when he or she needs you. You can include all the active contact information that is used by your business.
  • Social media profiles: This will give your potential client more insight about the services or products that you offer.

When designing the card, make it very neat by utilizing whitespace so it does not appear the information is clustered.

When you have all the basic information in place, then it is time you work on the physical characteristics of the card. Making the card as appealing as possible is one way of staying ahead of your competition. Here are some of the things you will have to consider:

  • The color of the card: Two-colored cards are very popular, but you can go all out and try various colors depending on your business and target clients.
  • Weight and size: The weight is probably determined by the quality of cover stock used while the size will be determined by the quantity of information you want the card to contain.
  • Finishing: Linen and smooth are the primary options.
  • Quantity: Producing the cards in bulk is cheaper and ensures the same quality in all the cards, but working within yourbudget is recommended.

Choosing a Printing Partner

The printing market is saturated, and it can be a bit of a gamble choosing the right printing partner. Online printing has become very popular over the years because of the quality and workload that can be delivered. Most of them have the modern printers that produce good quality printouts. However, you can settle for your local printer as long as itunderstands your needs and can meet your standards. Some of the most reputable online printers in U.S include JukeBox, VistaPrint, Overnight Prints, and Moo. Customers in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark often turn to Lasertryk, which is a reputable printing house.

There is a solid niche in the marketing world that business cards capture. They are still relevant, and some old-school vibe in business is healthy. A well-designed and high-quality business card will create a good rapport with your potential clients. Even famous people carry business cards,because you never know whom you will meet and have to market yourself to.

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