Marquees Make Any Outdoor Event Comfortable and Functional


When you have any type of outdoor event, from wedding receptions to birthday parties and even corporate events such as meetings or company picnics, there are certain items you cannot afford to forget. Planning the perfect outdoor event means purchasing the right number of plates, napkins, cutlery, picnic tables, tablecloths, marquees, food and many more items. In particular, marquees can be a challenge to find because they are unique items that not all companies sell. Marquees are tent-like structures placed above a table or display to keep the sun and rain away. Marquees come in various colours, styles and sizes, and companies that make this product offer high-quality items that can withstand anything you put them through for any personal or corporate event.

Types of Marquees Vary

Most marquees are white, but they can also come in colours such as green, red and blue. They come as small as 3m x 3m, and as large as 6m x 15m in size. They can come with tops that form a point, or basic rectangle- and square-shaped tops. In addition, they can be used for functions that include trade shows and festivals, vendor booths, auctions, information booths and much more. These marquees are built extremely well, usually having steel frames and high-quality pegs that are placed in the ground to make the marquee more secure. The fabric from which the actual marquee is made is strong and can withstand almost any weather condition. Marquees not only help keep you cool in the shade while you’re working or playing, but they protect you from the weather, too.

When you’re interested in a marquee hire, there is no need to look far because there are numerous companies offering this fine product. Regardless of the function you’re planning or the marquee size you need, these companies offer a wide variety of products to fit everyone’s needs. In addition to the basic tent-like structure, you can also add extra items to the marquee you hire, including carpet tiles or timber floors, synthetic grass flooring, panel walls, Colonial doors and wall linings. This means that you have options available to you regardless of your function, from casual backyard parties to fancy and elegant wedding receptions.

Marquee Companies Offer More than Just Tents

When people think of marquees, they think of basic white or beige tents with steel frames and nothing else, but these days the product comes with a huge variety. This includes colours besides white, including clear, and optional products such as light strands or flood lights, silk Chinese lanterns, strobe lights, bubble machines and even chandeliers. With options such as these, even the most elegant and formal event can be accommodated. There are also several ways to anchor your marquee, such as ground pegs and concrete weights. Using a marquee means the structure will look and feel permanent, and it will last throughout your entire event so you can concentrate on other things, like tending to your guests and having fun.

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