Bad Credit Could Threaten Your New Job—Here’s What To Do About It

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The list of opportunities you can miss because of bad credit keeps getting longer. These days, company owners want to know everything about the people they employ—your financial status as well. As a result, poor personal credit is sufficient reason for a potential employer to drop you for a counterpart.Top of Form

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However, bad credit shouldn’t make you shy away from applying for a high-paying job you want. There’s a way out, just like affected businessmen can always get merchant account bad credit to repair their finances. In the case of a job seeker; you need to prepare upfront so you don’t panic when the interview panel raises the credit issue.

First, the key to winning yourself a job despite you poor financial position is acknowledging that having bad credit is not a crime; anyone can be a victim; and that you can recover from it. Or at least give a viable explanation as to why your credit is a mess.

Being able to express yourself and tell your story is particularly useful because it helps you in situations where someone else is responsible for your adverse credit—and it’s beyond your control. Plus, you may be in the starting stages of fixing your credit, which is a sign you’ve noticed there’s a problem and you’re making a move to solve it. Isn’t that what employers want?

Quick Tips:

  • Be ready to give a precise and honest statement about the condition of your credit.
  • Let the company know why your credit is in bad shape.
  • Disclose how bad it is in figures.
  • Demonstrate to the panel how you plan to mend your credit.

However, this is no guarantee the boss will buy your tale, sometimes you may still get rejected despite how beautiful you present your case. If the company has set a limit and you fall below it for whatever excuse, they definitely won’t accept you. Also don’t forget that many other factors may also be taken into consideration.

Final words,

The best you can do as you await employment is to check your credit. If it needs work, make a plan and start correcting it. If it’s ok, don’t ruin it. But don’t wait to find out “what’s up” when you potential employer releases the findings of your credit review.

Author Bio: Electronic payments expert, Blair Thomas, co-founded eMerchantBroker. His passions include producing music, and traveling to far off exotic places. EMB is America’s No. 1 merchant account bad credit company, serving both traditional and high-risk merchants.

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