Methodology And Applications Of Iot Forecasts From Machina Research


Machina Research serves as one of the leading providers of strategic insight and market intelligence on the newly evolving Machine-to-Machine, Big Data and Internet of Things opportunities. The IoT forecasts from Machina Research help customers in maximising their scopes from such rapidly evolving markets. The Internet of Things is one of the most important technologies trending these days. IoT technologies are enabling innovative and new business opportunities and also proving an important disruptor of conventional business procedures and models. The company serves its clients operating as infrastructure vendors, device vendors, network operators, potential end users and service providers in the Big Data, M2M and IoT space.

The IoT Forecast Methodology Employed by Machina Research

The IoT Forecasts Research Steam of Machina Research has complete access of the IoT Forecast database along with 57 Application Spotlight Reports providing a thorough guide to the universal IoT market scope. The IoT forecasts for IoT opportunity of the company consists of two varied forecast elements and they are IoT services and IoT applications. For IoT applications the company forecasts bottom-up on detailed application by application and market by market basis. For IoT services, the company forecasts revenues top-down while allocating to different markets and applications.

IoT Forecasts- Applications

The section called IoT or Internet of Things is quite diverse with different use scenarios and with varied dynamics. The very first thing that Machina Research does in IoT forecasts is segmenting the market into five major categories. IoT forecasts from Machina Research start with five important sectors and they are cities, car, industry, living and working and health. Each of these sectors break into different Application Groups and there are a total of 57 Application Groups. Further, these groups break into separate applications. There are around 200 applications examined for all the five sectors. It is at this application level that Machina Research generates its IoT forecasts.

IoT Forecasts- Services

The IoT forecasts published by Machina Research reflect the true scale of IoT opportunity. It not only covers different connected devices and the commercial scopes flowing through the connected devices but also includes the category of IoT revenues like:

  • Middleware and platforms which include middleware and all the significant platform activities excluding connectivity support.
  • Project work which includes work by strategy consultancies and systems integrators.
  • Data monetisation which includes sales of IoT services and data and API monetisation.
  • Applications which include application development, hosting and application provision.

The IoT forecasts from Machina Research are service and application oriented. This is the reason why the company possesses a very diverse and dependent client base. This includes infrastructure manufacturers, communication service providers, trade organisations, software vendors, consultants, venture capital firms, healthcare providers, automotive manufacturers and regulators. The company excels in this field and is always aimed towards bring the best in IoT strategies and forecasts. The IoT forecasts of the company are worth depending on and they are highly useful for the clients. They are highly affordable as well helping the company build a very strong customer base.

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