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Modern Water Shows

Technology has given us many things, it allows us to do things faster and with more accuracy, and with the clever use of water, light, colour, and sound, modern water shows are literally stealing the show. Seen in large shopping malls, these towering creations are very effective crowd pullers, with some people actually making the trip specifically to view the water fountain. A modern water show is equally at home inside or out, and there are a variety of systems, depending on the environment. Many are floated on a barge and moored on a large body of water, and at night they can be truly stunning, with the light show adding another level to the ambience.

The creator

Today’s musical fountain manufacturer is a combination of a technician and an artist. He or she would have many years’ experience building water shows, and with the technical know-how, can create almost anything. This is most definitely a specialist industry, so don’t expect to find a long list of providers, but if you contact an established supplier, they will be able to assist at the design stage, making sure you get the most from this unique attraction.

Enhance the area

Once a water show has been installed, there is very little to do, apart from the odd bulb change, and a modern water fountain would work for the duration of the business day, providing an added attraction that complements the environment. As each show is custom built, whatever space you have available, something suitable can be designed, and with a range of programmable shows, there is also variation.


The technology that finely controls the pressure and direction of the water jets, allows for a high level of creativity, and you can have something that is unique to your location. The right music sets the ambience, and with perfect synchronicity, the pulsing jets of water take on a life of their own, and is always a star attraction for passers-by.

Outdoor venues

Large bodies of water are ideal locations for water shows, as they can be installed on a stable raft, which allows the attraction to be moved at will. This water recycling system would be independent, and the show would operate with very little maintenance required. Popular open air restaurants that have a small lake or pond will often install a floating water show, which is a great attraction for the diners.

Indoor fountains

Popular in shopping malls, public buildings, and theme parks, a musical water show is a very effective attraction, and as their popularity increases, more and more examples are seen in our cities and towns. While some are huge, the size depends on the available space, and a small water show is just as effective as its larger counterpart, so if you have a corner that might be suitable, contact a supplier and they can advise you on the most effective display for the specified location.

Water shows enhance any environment and with a timeless attraction, they are an ideal way to increase the number of people in any given area.

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