More technologies to incorporate into your restaurant


We have already covered five ways to incorporate technologies into your restaurant, but there are more. Remember that convenience attracts customers, with technology going a long way in offering customers a quick and reliable service.
Customer satisfaction is key to your restaurant being a success. Here are some more ways to incorporate technologies into your business.

Offer choice and entertainment

One of the best ways to keep customers coming back is to entertain them while they are waiting for their food. If you are using tablets, check out BuzzFeed and see what it offers. You customers can play games and answer trivia questions.

Free Wi-Fi

We spend so much time on our phones that few of us know how to exist without them! Free Wi-Fi is great for professionals, as they can work while they wait for their meal. Customers like to track sports results and are more likely to frequent an establishment that enables them to get online for free.

Tabletop tablets

Tabletop tablets are an example of how sophisticated POS systems have become. The tablets enable customers to view a digital menu and customise their order. Some also have payment methods.

Not only does this mean that customers get their meal quicker but also it shows them more options for their meal and gives them control over their order.

Automatic inventory tracking

One of the most frustrating things for restaurant owners is logging the inventory. This can be time-consuming, and using spreadsheets can lead to mistakes and cost you money. A system such as BevSpot tracks your inventory, meaning you don’t have to do any manual work. The programmes also create reports so that you can see which products are selling.

Remember that you should always keep your products fresh with refrigerators or commercial cold rooms. The latter store food at the required temperature and are a great option for restaurants that need a lot of storage space. They are available from suppliers such as

Scheduling software

Staff rotas, holiday requests and questions from employees can be a constant headache. Scheduling software makes life easier by enabling employees to view their rotas and complete holiday requests online. You can also create automated rotas when you know which hours your employees are available.

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