Most Common Digital Sales Jobs Available in the UK


The demand for digital media talent is currently at an all-time high in the UK, and several businesses are fighting to attract the talent that is available on the market before others grab them. What is even more amazing is the fact that this demand for talent is expected to increase further in the coming years, as more and more businesses turn to digital media. Therefore, if you are looking for a good job, you should consider finding a job in the digital media industry.

Why choose a career in digital media?

Compared to other careers – law, medicine, accounting, and others – digital media is a relatively new career, and thus some people might be reluctant to start a career in the industry; perhaps one the reasons why there is a shortage of talent. However, despite being a relatively new, the digital media and advertising industry offers a great career opportunity with several benefits such as:

1. Job availability

The gap between the available jobs and the talent that is available means that there are very many jobs up for grabs in the digital media industry. Therefore, if you have the skills that employers are looking for, you stand a very good chance of landing a job in the industry.

2. Good remuneration

Digital media jobs are very well paying, especially since the industry is on a boom. Therefore, you can expect a good remuneration when you start working in the industry, which will increase as you gain more experience. In addition, gaining experience can help you qualify for a better paying digital job.

3. Flexible working schedule

One of the main benefits of digital media jobs is that the working hours are very flexible, unlike the conventional jobs where the hours are fixed. In addition, the work involves interesting activities, which usually includes social events. Therefore, working in the digital media is fun and interesting, which helps to make the experience much better.

Digital media jobs in the UK

1. Digital sales jobs

Digital sales jobs are one of the most common types that are available in the digital media industry. The job involves the sale of products and services through the use of various digital marketing tools. The jobs are ideal for graduates due to their ready availability, great pay, flexible working hours, and several other benefits. Some of the vacant digital sales jobs you can find in the UK include sales representative, sales manager, digital sales specialist, digital ad sales, digital sales strategists, etc.

2. Social media jobs

Social media jobs are another common type of digital jobs for graduates in the UK. They involve the use of social media to promote a brand, product, and/or services. With most businesses nowadays using social media to promote their brands and engage with the customers, finding a social media job is very easy. Some of the most popular types of social media jobs in the UK include social media executive, social media manager, social media analyst, social media specialist, etc.

3. Digital data analyst jobs

Businesses that use digital marketing to promote their brands, services, and products are able to collect a lot of data from their customers and prospective customers. The data collected is very helpful in improving the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, but only when it has been analysed properly. Therefore, digital data jobs involve the analysis of digital consumer data so as to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. These jobs have become very popular in the past few years, mainly due to the emergence and the rapid growth of data-driven digital marketing.

4. Digital content jobs

Digital marketing campaigns require high-quality digital content in order to be effective. This brings about the need for digital content specialists who can create unique and original content or edit the available content to make it more interesting. Just like with the other types of digital jobs, digital content jobs have a very high demand in the UK, especially because of an increase in the number of businesses that are using digital marketing techniques.

5. Web development and programming

Programming and web development is another career path you can take in the digital media industry, with the jobs involving the creation of websites and applications that are used for digital marketing needs. With most businesses in the UK now relying on digital marketing, programming and web development jobs enjoy a high demand. In addition, they are interesting and they pay is also very good.

How to easily land a good digital media job

From the above information, it is quite clear that there are lots of digital jobs for graduates in the digital media industry, all waiting for people with the right skills to fill them. Therefore, if you have any digital skills, all that’s left for you is to land a good digital job, something that you can be able to achieve with the following tips taken from JeffAlytics.

1. Prepare a good CV

Before you even start hunting for a digital job, you should prepare a good CV that clearly outlines your skills and the value you can offer an employer. This will help to impress the prospective employers, thus making your job search easier.

2. Research your job opportunities

The key to landing a good job is to research good job opportunities. Therefore, after you have prepared a good CV and identified your skills, you should start researching various jobs that you are qualified for. There are several means you can use for this purpose, which includes, using job boards, using social media, networking with other digital media professionals, or applying for a digital job using a recruitment company Such as Sphere Recruitment in London.

3. Make a good approach

After you have found a good job opportunity, the next step is to make an approach, which starts with submitting your CV to the prospective employer and interviewing for the job if you are shortlisted.


The digital media industry is one of the best sectors to work in. There are several digital jobs for graduates, and the careers are very rewarding – good pay, good working hours, easy career development, etc. Therefore, if you have any digital skills, you should consider applying for one of the many jobs in the industry that are waiting for the people with the right talent to fill them.

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