One river stone, countless design possibilities


River Stone is one of the most versatile stone types in terms of possible uses for design purposes. Vessel sinks, countertop sinks, freestanding sinks, bathtubs, lamps, candle holders, shower trays and many many more! Find out all possible uses of the mighty river stone retrieved in exotic Indonesia

Behind the success of river stone

River Stone got its name from the usual way how it is retrieved. It occurrs naturally in Indonesian rivers where the water current gives boulders their shape. Technically, it is a basalt which is lava rock that comes from volcanic eruptions. Indonesia is part of so called Ring of Fire, that is why it is so rich of great quality river stone ready for further modifications and transformations.

The biggest boulders are used in the production of rock bathtubs, perhaps one of the most popular and demanded products all over the world. Each month, dozens of stone bathtubs are exported out of Indonesia alone. The smallest stone, also called pebbles, are used to create Pebble tiles and small decorations.

River stone decorations

These range from simple candle holders to more sophisticated garden lamps. Thanks to the volcanic origin, river stone is suitable to be installed everywhere, from deserts to mountain houses, from pools to hotels or private households, you name it.

No matter if it is a stone lamp or a basalt bathtub, it can be shipped worldwide. The perks of these products is extremely easy maintenance. All you need is some soap and water to clean the bathtub or sink. The product’s surface is well polished and sealed to provide long product life.

These products are definitely trending at the moment. You can spot them in more and more places. Virtually every continent (maybe expect for Antarctica) has got a large amount of these river stone products somewhere. It has become a worldwide phenomenon.

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Discover all the possibilities of river stone products. All of them are manufactured in Indonesia and can be used outside and inside buildings, regardless of the climatic conditions.
Natural stone is a powerful inspiration for interior architects, owners of houses and apartments with gardens, lovers of nature and natural solutions!

Perhaps you have another idea to use natural stone from the river? If you want to share it – write to us or leave a comment if you want.

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