Outstanding Linen-Hire Service from a Leader in the Industry


One of the necessary steps when you want to emphasise the difference between doing the laundry and having top-shelf laundry services involves understanding this: there is much more to great laundry services than simply making sure the items are clean. In fact, “clean” is a relative term.

It’s also important to understand why hotel laundry items are white in almost every location around the world. Hotel guests expect bed linens to be soft and inviting. When you combine these two elements, you have the best method of giving guests what they want and expect. White means luxury and softness. People connect this factor with sleeping well at night.

Experience Counts

To make sure your guests see and feel what they expect when they enter one of your rooms, you’d be wise to work with a company bringing extensive experience to the field. As veterans of the industry, they know that linens must go through a strict quality-control process so that you can always give your guests the highest-quality bed and bath linens.

Stalbridge Linen provides commercial laundry services that are difficult to match from any other supplier because they specialise in premium-quality linen hire. When your goal is to give discerning guests complete satisfaction and you want to present your establishment as one that understands luxury and softness, this is your source. The benefits continue with delivery service covering most of the UK and customer service unmatched in the linen-hire industry.

When you browse the extensive website, you’ll see you can choose from two categories of exquisite linen: Elite and Premier. Choose Elite Plain for Oxford pillowcases and sheets from single to super-king size. Elite Satin Striped is available in Oxford pillowcases and duvet covers in single to super-king size. The Elite towel line (600g) includes face cloths, hand towels, bath towels, bath sheets, and bath mats.

When you select the Premier Plain line, you have access to Housewife pillowcases, sheets, and duvet covers in single to super-king size. Premier Stripe offers Housewife pillowcases and duvet covers in single to super-king size. The Premier towel line (500g) includes face cloths, hand towels, bath towels, bath sheets, and bath mats. You may also select the soft and luxurious bathrobes and leisure towels.

Since 1975

As mentioned, experience is one of the keys to providing outstanding linen-hire service. With these specialists, you benefit from several decades in the industry providing services for hotels, kitchens, and restaurants throughout the UK. Companies survive in many fields by offering good products but some businesses thrive and lead their industry by consistently delivering quality products and outstanding customer service.

In addition to the fine bedding and bath items mentioned, these professionals also offer an array of chef’s jackets and trousers, waiter’s cloths, bathrobes, napkins, and fine table linen. Their reputation stands firmly on a foundation of service that has always been reliable and has often been innovative. As a Stalbridge customer, you benefit from this innovation and are able to work with one of the leading providers in the UK without being tied to a contract.

If you think your linen requirements are too small or too special to work with these veterans, think again. They supply superior service to clients large and small across the UK. Do you need clean and crisp tea towels for your corner coffee shop? They can supply them. If you need the finest bed linen for a five-star hotel, this is available as well. They stock all the items you’ll need.

Quality, Style

If your experience has been that you must work with unreliable or inconsistent delivery and less-than-perfect linens just to stay in business, you will be pleasantly surprised when you talk with a representative of these top suppliers. If you’ve had to remain with a less-than-satisfactory provider because of a long-term contract, you’re really in for a surprise.

To put it quite simply, they are not like other suppliers. They truly understand that their work is what your valued guests see every day. In addition, the quality and condition of your linen may be the difference between a guest returning or deciding to go elsewhere. With this in mind, anything less than perfect is not acceptable. Take a look at some of the greatest hotels in the world, the owners of which will certainly pay attention to detail when it comes to linen.

If you have any doubt about the ability of these industry leaders to meet your specific requirements, you may want to learn a bit more about the comprehensive customer service that each client receives. Not only will you have a trained and experienced service team at each location making sure your requests are handled quickly and efficiently but you will work with an assigned service manager who can visit on a regular basis to make sure you are satisfied.

Consistent Delivery

Meeting high standards for cleanliness and luxury is one thing but making sure you have all the items you need in the condition they should be in is just as important. When you work with one of the top providers, your items will generally be delivered within one hour of the appointed time if it’s humanly possible.

It’s also essential for each client to be able to rely on having the specific items needed, each time, every time. Stalbridge is committed to maintaining its stock with the modern methods that hold down your costs and improve the quality of service you receive. You’ll receive a welcome call within the first month of working with them with the sole purpose of making sure you’re happy with the service. The representative will also ensure that you’re aware of and understand all procedures.

When all of these important elements are in place and are in place every day, you may think that the quest for improvement is at an end. But these experienced providers take things to the next level with their focus on green policies as an important factor in all business decisions. As a leader in the linen-hire field, they invest £1.2 million a year in energy-efficient equipment and techniques to dramatically reduce natural resource use.

This is another indication of the commitment to being the best supplier in an important and competitive industry. When quality linen is a key part of your business, you’d be wise to work with the leaders in the linen-hire world.

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