Planning To Work In Singapore? Here Is A Complete Guide to Find A Job


It can be a harrowing experience, if you are relocated to a different country. This is because you have many new dimensions to work like your visa, squabble with paperwork and so on.

If you have decided to take a plunge, then Singapore is the best place. Singapore employers are generally habitual of hiring foreign professionals and government also welcomes them with open arms.

Before you start any further, here is an easy guide to find work in Singapore

  • Check your eligibility to work in Singapore

Before you apply for a work, it is a must that you identify the requirement of the employer as well as your expected salary meet at s minimum level. You first need to check your experience and qualification.

  • Know your job sector in Singapore

It is important that you analyze your job sector so that it’s easy to find the job related to your career. While some industries like tourism and computer science are growing in Singapore other industries have reached a stagnation point.


The best option would be to apply for the job that is on strategic and skills-in-demands list. This list details the skills-set and occupation that would be in higher demand in Singapore.

  • Apply for your job

To find employment you can have a look at various job hunting websites, which are convenient way to connect job opportunities along with skills required. Headhunters and Recruitment agencies are some of the other ways that offer a higher rate of placements.

However, make sure that your resume is up to date along with all the necessary documents like birth certificate, personal identification. Singapore based employers’ would likely to ask you to provide them the original copies.

  • Wait with a Bated breath

The next step is to prepare for your interview with professionalism. Singapore is a multicultural developed country, which generally lays great stress on paper qualification, so you must display a global attitude along with good English and excellent qualification.

  • Receiving of job letter

At this point of time, you will need to ensure that your salary expectations meet with requirements of your desired job employment permit.

  • Apply for your Work visa

After you have finalized your job details, the next step is to apply for a work visa based on your skills. Pay your registration fee so as to submit your application. If you are applying online, then it would take you less than 7 working days.

If you have applied for a job which is professional and is in senior position, then you would have to apply for an employment pass that would take a minimum of 7 working days to get your employment pass.

Singapore Employment Pass

The Singapore Employment pass is the most profitable pass that has been developed for well educated and experienced professionals and executives. It fits for all nationalities and is used for various business locations.

A lack of professional experience is not a hindrance for the seeker of EP, this visa also has a special subclass for young entrepreneurs with minimum experience.


Finding a job in Singapore can be a difficult experience even for accomplished professionals because market is extremely competitive.

However, hard work is always fruitful. Singapore is one among the multicultural countries where one can easily adapt to life as compared to other countries. So, start looking at job advertisements from now, and join the alluring world of Singapore!

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