Reach more potential customers with a YouTube display advertising agency


Billions of people use YouTube to watch videos, and these days it is just not an option to miss out on this huge advertising opportunity. With a YouTube video ad, you can clearly communicate your brand or product to thousands of potential customers.

One of the strongest forms of social media advertising is YouTube, with millions of viewers to reach with your message. YouTube videos drive conversations and are one of the most effective ways of reaching customers with new products. Paid social media advertising creates thousands  more conversations than free social media or other forms of organic social media advertising.

Typically, YouTube ads appear before the main video the viewer has chosen to watch. Video adverts are highly effective because they can speak to the right set of audience. Videos  can be more affordable to make and advertise with than you might think; videos can be tracked, and they are relatable for viewers.

Why YouTube?

YouTube is known to the world as the premier platform to upload and watch videos. Videos on YouTube span millions of topics and interests, and users come from every demographic imaginable. Hence, when you work with a YouTube display advertising agency, you can reach the exact audience your product is designed for. You can tailor your ad to ensure it is marketed to the right viewers.

YouTube boasts over a billion users and is the world’s second largest search engine. Video ads are an economical way of reaching those users. You only have to pay when someone engages directly with your ad by clicking on it, so your investment pays off by bringing traffic to your site and raising awareness of your brand. If viewers skip your ad before it ends, or before they reach the 30-second mark, you don’t have to pay, meaning your budget isn’t wasted.

Since you can target ads by age, gender, location and more, you prevent wasting time on audiences who have no need for your product. Instead, you are going directly to the people your product is designed for, driving up your sales.

One of the most attractive aspects of YouTube advertising is the opportunity it creates for a highly effective, targeted campaign, thanks to analytics. You can measure the results to see how your ad is performing and tailor your campaign accordingly. By being able to analyse your results so effectively, you can streamline your operations and make your campaign sing.

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What types of ads are there?

YouTube gives you the option to choose from a variety of advert types. From display ads to overlay ads, you can find the right format to best promote your product. One of the most popular and effective types is long non-skippable video ads since they give the viewer the chance to get to know you and your product. A video is brilliant for communicating the product’s look and feel, and the ethos of your business quickly. With video ads, viewers can engage more deeply than with plain text and are more likely to take further steps.


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