Revealing the Best-Kept Secrets in Business


Many companies pride themselves on being the best-kept secret in their field. It makes them feel good to think that they have that distinction. Of course, being a secret isn’t as profitable as being well-known, and when the product is something revolutionary, the downside is even greater. Getting listed in various directories can go a long way toward bringing a company into the limelight.

That can be said of Grolltex, a company that manufactures CVD graphene. This product is an incredibly thin, strong material made of pure carbon. It has immense potential for a wide array of applications in industry, consumer products, healthcare, the military, and much more.

Grolltex was born after a novel technique of graphene manufacture was developed at a California university. The company’s technique for making the material is so innovative that it created a lower cost structure than any other competitor could generate, without sacrificing the quality of the graphene they generated.

But first, let’s review exactly what graphene is. It’s been known for years that carbon-fiber materials are incredibly strong and light. Graphene itself has been isolated in research periodically over a number of decades, but it has only recently been manufactured on a larger scale. The molecular structure of graphene is such that it is very thin and strong, and has incredible conductivity for heat and energy.

Because these features make it so appealing to so many interests, the race quickly began to see who could capture the market. Grolltex surged ahead when their namesake process–graphene-rolling technology–gave them a better price point than competitors.

With that early head start, the company continues to innovate. Graphene is being found in more and more applications all the time, and Grolltex is supplying the materials for the research and development of many of them.

Conduction is a major area. If you’ve ever noticed the heat emanating from any of a variety of electronic devices, you’ve seen a developing application for graphene. The material conducts energy very effectively, so there is less resistance and less heat in circuitry and wiring. In addition, the metal panels used to help radiate heat away from the device will do so more effectively when they incorporate graphene.

Another inconvenience we all share is the seemingly tiny span of time that our rechargeable batteries can power essential devices like phones and tablets. Graphene can play role in extending the duration and usable life of these batteries, increasing the independence of their users and reducing the inconvenience of constantly plugging in.

The power of graphene extends beyond just high technology. Even needs as fundamental as clean drinking water can be addressed with quality graphene. This creates real potential in developing countries where infrastructure and technology are unable to support a sustainable system of delivering water to citizens.

So what makes Grolltex so much more effective at advancing these fields? Isn’t all graphene the same, just the same as all oxygen is the same?

Yes and no. Graphene is chemically-defined, so yes, graphene from Grolltex is the same at the atomic level as anyone else’s graphene. But Grolltex has excelled in two areas of production that set them apart.

First is their cost of production. As we have noted earlier, Grolltex is simply able to produce graphene at a lower cost than other suppliers. Because of that, the financial threshold is much lower for potential customers, making products possible financially that wouldn’t otherwise be feasible.

The other area is in quality of graphene. Because the company is well-known for being less expensive, they must be particularly vigilant about letting customers know that their graphene is as high or higher in quality than other suppliers.

Graphene is a revolutionary material, and Grolltex is using a revolutionary process to make it. Their simultaneous attention to cost and quality will position them not only to be a profitable company but also one that makes it possible for other companies to create revolutionary products.

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