RL360° on the advantages of being based on the Isle of Man


RL360° offers a range of attractive and popular saving and investment policies, including Quantum and PIMS. One of the reasons why it is able to provide such appealing financial products is because it is based on the Isle of Man. The company identifies a range of advantages associated with being located on this island in the Irish Sea, and here are some of the most important.

A clear and competitive system of taxation

Perhaps the major draw of the Isle of Man is the favourable tax rules it enjoys. The island has a simple and clear tax regime in place, with no wealth taxes, withholding taxes or capital gains tax. This can help investors who use companies such as RL360° to make considerable savings. When people put money in offshore bonds there, they can manage their investments without having to fret about incurring tax charges each time they need to restructure their portfolios.

High levels of investor protection

RL360° also points out that the Isle of Man offers high levels of investor protection. Policyholders with investments on the island benefit from a range of safeguards that can protect their money. For example, under the terms of the Insurance Act 2008, all companies on the island have to ring-fence 100% of the assets of policyholders. This means that if a company was wound up, its liabilities to policyholders would take precedence and would not be available to liquidators.

There is also a compensation scheme for policyholders. Under the scheme, if a life insurance company is not able to meet its liabilities, the scheme manager will pay out to policyholders an amount equal to 90% of the liability. The money is taken from a Policyholders’ Compensation Fund, which is financed by a levy applied to all life insurance firms operating on the Isle of Man. This protection extends to all policyholders wherever they are based around the world.

A supportive government

Another benefit highlighted by RL360° is the fact that the island has a supportive government that appreciates the importance of encouraging trade. The government engages effectively with the private sector in order to create an appealing and successful business environment. It’s also worth noting that the island has experienced 3 decades of economic growth and it has healthy reserves.

All of these factors contribute to making the Isle of Man a great place to invest. If you’re interested in finding out more about the company and its products, including Quantum by RL360°, you can take a look at the firm’s website. You can also check out RL360° reviews and get more information about the business online.

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