Safe, Secure Container Transport in Perth


Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, has always been the economic centre of the western coast of this vast, thirsty continent. In centuries gone by, it was a hub of the whaling and pearling industries, its ports slippery with whale blubber and the songs of drunken sailors. Pearl divers and whalers made Perth their home in the early days of Australian colonisation, and today it’s home to thousands of miners. Thanks to the Australian mining boom, Western Australia’s robust export economy attracts workers in droves, and the containers to ship all that they pull from the Earth’s grasping crust. In years past, Perth’s ports generally brought food and resources into Perth, but many goods were far too perishable to survive a long voyage to Europe or the Americas; today, however, it’s a thriving hub where containers are used to safely carry goods from Western Australia to destinations around the world. Container transport in Perth is a thriving business, and to get your cargo safely from point A to point B, you want to work with the best.

The Best in the West

Thanks to good old-fashioned Australian pragmatism, the Perth shipping industry hustles and bustles along at an internationally renowned rate. Best West Logistics, for example, provide container transport in Perth and a variety of shipping industry services. One thing most laypeople often fail to consider as they drive or sail past Perth’s ports is who exactly packs and unpacks the containers. Best West Logistics will actually pack and unpack your container, with various options depending on the load required of the container itself. For example, you might have a massive shipment to make, and need a full container load, which attracts lower freight rates than the equivalent rate of loose cargo. This is primarily because the full container load is the safest way to transport goods on a long haul. Best West Logistics actually provides full container load services in addition to their other wharf and shipping industry expertise, and the help and value of a professional simply cannot be overestimated in any industry.

Logistical Concerns

Container transport in Perth might seem like a primarily physical, muscular activity, but just as important as moving the cargo from place to place and keeping it safe is the planning stage of the operation. You don’t need all the stress of planning your shipping routes, transportation and all the paperwork that goes with it. On top of that, you need to ensure that you comply with all relevant legislation and regulations. There comes a point in every operation when the professional touch is needed, which is why you should hire professional container transporters. Not only will they safely haul your precious cargo, but as industry professionals they’ll take on the responsibility of planning the logistics of your operation, whether that means planning the transport operations, organising the freight or just ensuring that the whole affair is consistent with codes of practice pertaining to freight and goods.

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